PS4 update 4.00 out now


After weeks of successful beta testing, the latest update for Sony’s flagship console has gone live today across the globe, and I can report with some safety that this is a big one. I have been nothing but impressed by the larger system updates offered for the PS4 in recent months, particularly as, after what seemed like an age, we were finally given the ability to be notified when our friends were online. So what revolutionary new features have Sony bestowed upon us this time?


The new What’s New.

From the perspective of general UI aesthetics, the home screen has been given a minor overhaul, with particular attention paid to recolouring/rendering translucent certain notification boxes and so forth. The system colours have been altered across the board, in fact; the PlayStation Blog described it as having “a fresh coat of paint.”

The drop-down menus that accompany each app/game on your menu bar have also been re-constructed, so as to display more information at a glance, and the What’s New section has been given a similar treatment, perhaps in an effort to de-clutter what was previously a very cluttered system.


A folder full of objectively good games.

What I have found to be the most impressive new paint job so far, though, is the revamped Quick Menu. It now covers only half of the screen, and is fully customizable, displaying online friends as well as the various media options available on PS4 (Spotify, for example, or the built-in music player). It’s so much more helpful, in fact, that I can’t believe it didn’t always look that way.

For those of you who just can’t bear to uninstall old games, or who simply own too many games to manage, fear not: Sony have included a folder system that allows you to organize your expansive library and keep all of your Call of Duty titles in one place.


This one is actually cool – Spotify, whenever you fancy, on the new Quick Menu.

To pave the way for the recently-announced PS4 Pro, this update also includes the addition of support for 1080p streaming and broadcasting, as well as support for High Dynamic Range video output, which will be available across all PS4 variants in the near future.

In tandem with this, a new feature has been added to ease the transition from PS4 to PS4 Pro/Slim, in the form of a data transfer system which should limit the pain of upgrading your console.


This is called the Content Info screen. Who knew, eh?

That about covers it, I think, but do check out the PlayStation Blog for more information. For those of you hoping for custom PS4 wallpapers, don’t hold your breath; the rumours, I fear, may not have been wholly true.

PS4 System update version 4.00 is available now in all regions.