REVIEW / Loot Crate (August 2016)


Despite a few missteps, Loot Crate has been going pretty strong in the last few months. Ever since the awesomeness of May’s crate, there have always been at least one or two really nice items. But if you’re a subscriber, or if you’ve been following these reviews, you know that these streaks never last too long. And given that the preview for August featured nothing that I’m all that interested in, I was a bit concerned going in. So, without further ado, let’s check out what was inside.

 Harley Quinn Q-Fig


I don’t review movies, but if I did I’d tell you that Suicide Squad wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. That said, I’m still happy that this exclusive figure features Harley Quinn in her original look from her debut in Batman: The Animated Series. Another figure exists based on her more recent appearances, but this is the one I prefer as a massive fan of the DCAU. I should also note that unlike the Hulk one from May, this does seem to be a fully exclusive design, and not a repaint. Like I mentioned back then, I love the Q-Figs, and I’m glad to see more of them. They show a bit more personality than their rival Funko Pop figures.


Hellboy Bank


I didn’t expect a piggy bank from Loot Crate, but at least it’s a cool one. The bank is ceramic and shaped like Hellboy’s fist. If you’re in need of a bank, they don’t come much cooler. And if not, you can display it backwards and it just looks like a little figure of Hellboy’s fist. It’s not particularly big (about the size of a child’s actual hand), but it performs its function well and at least looks good on a shelf. A piggy bank does seem a bit odd for Loot Crate though, as it’s generally for adults. I guess even we need a place to keep spare change, and this certainly looks nicer on display than a jar full of coins.


Archer Shirt


I have some issues with this shirt design, though I admit they might not be something anyone else would care about. The “XYZ for President” idea is so overused that you really need to do it well if you want your product to stand out. This shirt features an image of the show’s title character as if he’s campaigning for “Danger Zone President.” I get the reference to the show, but I’m not sure what exactly “Danger Zone President” is supposed to mean. It also features the slogan, “Do you want a President? Because that’s how you get a President.” Again, I get the reference; it just doesn’t make any sense.


Kill Bill Socks


As you might know already, I don’t understand the point of novelty socks. Unless you’re specifically wearing them for your significant other or something like that, people won’t recognize the design unless you specifically show them. And sure, maybe it’s not the worst thing they could include, but it just seems like a waste to me. This particular design, which is based on The Bride’s outfit, is at least better than the Harry Potter one from back in April. Granted, that’s not saying much. I guess there must be people who like these, in any case.


World of Warcraft Pin and Digital Content


The pin this month is a pretty cool design, featuring a character from World of Warcraft. I couldn’t tell you who it is, because I was never able to get into that game, but it’s some sort of elf and the design is well composed. The really exciting thing here, though, is the digital content. This month, subscribers get a copy of WoW including all of its current expansions, along with 30 days of free play time. That alone costs more than the entire rest of the box. So if you’ve been looking to start the world’s most famous MMORPG, this is a good time.

As far as I’m concerned, this crate has three solid items (counting the pin and digital content as one), and two that someone else might like but that don’t do much for me. The unfortunate thing is that even the items I like aren’t necessarily related to characters or franchises I like, but my overall review is as balanced as possible in that regard. That being the case, while this crate doesn’t quite reach the heights of May’s stellar offering, it’s definitely up there if you like the characters represented. In any case, this month’s theme is Speed, and it’s going to feature an even stranger assortment of characters than this one. Loot Crate has announced items from The Flash and Arrow, Battlestar Galactica, Iron Man 2 (specifically), Batman, and Gone in 60 Seconds of all things. If you’re interested in subscribing, Loot Crate costs $19.95 per month, with other plans available. You can join up here.


It feels OK to be bad


+ Truly exclusive Q Fig design based on classic Harley Quinn
+ High quality ceramic bank
+ 30 days of World of Warcraft
– More novelty socks
– T-shirt design is so-so