REVIEW / Hue (PS4)


It’s not often a puzzle game surprises me with an original mechanic but Hue does it. Changing a stage’s background color in order to solve a puzzle was a new one for me. Watch the trailer below to see what I mean.



In Hue, you play a boy (named Hue) looking for his mother. His mother was a color scientist that developed a ring to allow the wearer to manipulate the colors in the world around them. His mother ended up disappearing due to an over zealous experiment she conducted and left letters for Hue explaining what happened. The story, unfortunately, is rather weak and forgettable. It’s the gameplay where Hue shines.




Each area you visit on your quest to find your mom is packed with the most interesting style of puzzles. They all require thought, excellent timing and knowledge of where each color is on the color wheel. I rarely ever find a puzzle where I immediately understand how to solve it. The puzzles take practice but in the end, are not super difficult once you understand what needs to get done. They are however, a ton of fun to solve and feel very rewarding once completed.




What makes Hue so enjoyable to play is that the puzzles never get old. New mechanics build upon each other, creating more intricate and challenging levels as the game progresses. There are even some areas you cannot explore unless you have a certain color unlocked on your ring. So even previous levels offer some replayability.




Though color is the star of the show, Curve Digital hasn’t skimped on the sound design. Hue sports 30 original music tracks, composed exclusively for the game. It also features professionally voiced narration by Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, some of the UK’s best television talent.



Notice the symbols on each color block. That’s to assist with color blindness. They can be turned off.


All in all, Hue is a solid puzzle platformer that will hook you immediately. It’s fun, innovative and it doesn’t get more original than this. Pick it up on the PlayStation Store for $14.99! Don’t have a PS4? No worries. You can experience Hue on multiple platforms; Xbox One, PS Vita and on Steam!




This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

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Great puzzle game. Not much else to say really. It’s inventive and addicting. I kept wanting to tackle more and more puzzles. I’d recommend Hue to any puzzle game lover.