Short on time? Play these types of videogames


There never seems to be enough time in the day to do what you want, including playing video games. As much as we all would like to devote a full day or two to gaming (and only gaming), there are things like work, school, errands, and walking the dog that always get in the way. Anyone who is a gaming fan knows that gaming, in general, gets a bad rep. Remember all the times when your mom used to think that you were wasting your time by playing Assassin’s Creed? Well, keep enjoying the time you do have to play videogames because it has a lot of benefits from reducing stress, keeping your brain sharp, and actually decreasing the risk of depression (So there, Mom).



Research shows that the most frequent gamers, who play with others, spend about 6.5 hours per week playing online while other gamers spend an estimated 5 hours per week playing with others in-person. While you always have the option of choosing a long game, that takes over a 100 hours to complete, and play a little at a time, pausing and saving your place is less than ideal (or fun), especially when it’s getting really good. These types of video games are great to play when you’re short on time:

Side-Scrolling Games

Side-scrollers, in comparison to some of the more immersive games, may seem a bit archaic (no offense to the beloved Mario), but side-scroller games continue to be popular, particularly on mobile devices. While you can always pay homage to some old favorites like Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong, there are newer games, such as Nihilumbra or Limbo, which will keep you jumping, running, and swinging from one level to the next.

Casino Games

Does your morning commute on the light rail take about 20 minutes or you need to kill some time while waiting for your name to be called at the Doctor’s office? Online casino games are the perfect type of video game to play when you’ve got places to be and things to do. All you need to do is search for the best online games and you have a variety of casino games to choose from that are short, but are a good way to pass the time (plus, you may win some money). Whether you try your luck at poker or play the slots, just like in an in-house casino, you have the control to stop playing whenever you want, making it the perfect type of game to play in less than a half hour.

Puzzle and Trivia Games

Some gamers may argue whether or not puzzle and trivia games can share the same space as other types video games, but think about how Tetris paved the way decades ago. While playing a game of online Scrabble or even an escape room game might not sound substantial enough for a Friday night of gaming, they can be the perfect types of games to play when you’re short on time because not only are you are giving your brain a workout, but you’re not invested in a lengthy storyline or afraid that you’ll have to start all over.