Free Games from the Game Fairy!


Greetings Traveler! I am Oediv, the Game Fairy. You have discovered my chambers at a most auspicious time. For you see, I have collected too much treasure and am looking to bestow some of it upon a worthy few! That could mean you!




To prove you are worthy, you must keep an eye on my Facebook page this week and be ready to lay claim to the game you most desire and state why you are excited to play it. Please be aware that creativity and heart will be taken into consideration.

And while I would like to grant everyone’s wish, only FIVE gamers will be rewarded. View what treasure I have to give below and may the pixelated stars grant you luck!


Official Webpage, Steam Page


Laser Disco Defenders

Official Webpage, Steam Page



Official Webpage, Steam Page


Safety First!

Official Webpage, Steam Page


Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade

Official Webpage, Steam Page



The codes that will be given away are for PC only.