Red Barrels drops a free Outlast 2 demo for a limited time



It looks like Halloween just came early this year as Red Barrels unleashed a demo for their new first person horror game, Outlast 2, yesterday. However, it’s only for a limited time so you gotta act quick and download it onto your PC/Xbox One/PS4 before November 1st. Get your downloads queued up now:



Xbox One

Got it? Good. Now, while we wait for that to download, let me hit you with some knowledge on this series.


The first Outlast is a story-driven first person survival horror game that follows journalist Miles Upshur as he investigates human experiments that are occurring in Mount Massive Asylum and, not so shockingly, some messed up stuff happens that will spook the pants off ya. Outlast plays similar to games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent in that there was no combat, but instead you must run and hide from terrifying enemies. However, to set itself apart, Outlast had an overlying “found footage” theme that meant Miles would take notes to help you learn the lore of the world if you pulled the video camera out to record certain areas of the game. The night vision mode on the camera also acted as your flashlight, but battery conservation was key as fresh batteries were a limited commodity.


In Outlast 2 you play as cameraman Bryan Langermann who is working with his wife, Lynn, to do some investigative journalism into the heart of the Arizona desert to discover the truth about a murder of a Jane Doe. Even though Outlast 2 seems to be significantly disconnected from the first game from a narrative standpoint, the gameplay elements of the camera and combat-free survival are carrying over.


I’m expecting plenty of scares and spooky times out of this demo; just the right thing to jump into that Halloween spirit. If you like what you see of the demo, be sure to check out the original game and its DLC. And for those of you that have been there and done that, but still want more from the series, check out the 5-part comic book series meant to connect the two games.