PREVIEW / Line of Sight (PC)


First person shooters are the gateway drug of the gaming world. One moment you are blasting away at your friends in Halo, the next you are knee deep in Dark Souls III trying to figure out what you did to deserve such a cruel fate.  The instant gratification that you get from pulling the trigger and watching some random person drop to the ground is a high I’ve been chasing all of my gaming life. That being said, there are multiple ways to get your shooter junkie fix. Are you tired of your standard run and gun military shooter? Do you want to add some Bioshock-esque abilities to the gunplay? Well than, Line of Sight might just be the game for you.




Line of Sight is a first person shooter that seems to be modeled after a Free-To-Play game. Guns can be rented and bought through currency that is earned through playing matches. Skins are obtained through boxes, reminiscent of Overwatch. Matches are played out on one of a handful of maps. A few of the maps are evenly laid out, with tight corners and open spaces working together to make a thrilling encounter.




However, a couple of the maps are way too expansive with matches breaking down into hide-and-go-seek snipe sessions. Stagnant spawn points add to the level of frustration when you can’t even leave your spawn point without getting sniped from half way across the map. I literally spawned right where I was killed by a guy throwing a knife only to have yet another knife hit me in the head again. Games like Blacklight: Tango Down corrected this mistake by putting turrets around the spawn point. That didn’t stop it all together but it helped.




Character designs have a Red Faction 2 likeness to them, with glowing arm tattoos and cyberpunk inspired outfits. Levels are colorful and well designed. The game makes great use of the Unreal Engine as nothing feels overly flat or lifeless. Aiming feels a bit floaty with bullets tending to sail right past the target instead of hitting them, even when I’m standing completely still. Head shots are still your best bet, with anything less resulting in a deadly guessing game. Psionic Powers tend to add a level of unpredictability to the battlefield. At one point I was walking down the stairs of a level and got hit with a tornado based attack.




For all the good that Line of Sight brings to the table the game mainly suffers from a balancing issue. Battles tend to be completely one sided with one team obliterating the other. Auto-Balancing is either completely broken or just struggling to keep up. I understand that the game is in Early Access but when you start putting Free-To-Play models into a game you have to pay for you open yourself up for critiquing.




Weapons that you have to first unlock with levels, then buy with either in game currency or real money, tend to be stronger than the starter weapons. You might say that this is just how games work. But when you lock stronger weapons that can give players a competitive edge behind a pay wall, you create a Pay-To-Win society.




With all that being said, Line of Sight still has all that makings of an amazing competitive FPS. I have played tons of first person shooters in the $14.99-$0 range and most of them tend to be laggy and slightly unplayable. Line of Sight still has room to grow but it will need to pick a lane and stick to it. If it wants to be a Free-To-Play game then it needs to drop the 9.99 starter price. If it wants to be a paid game then it has to let go of the Free-To-Play cash store. This type of business model will end up pushing players away from your game. I would hate to see this game go down when it has so much potential.




This preview is based on an Early Access copy of the game provided by the publisher.