The Lowdown on Yakuza 0


So for those of you who are not familiar with the series yet want to give it a whirl, Yakuza 0 would be the best place to start. Yes, Yakuza 0 is technically the latest installment of the Yakuza series. However, the story serves as a prequel to the series, and takes place in Japan of 1988.

The story switches between two main characters, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. During this time period main protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, who’s 20 years old, is newly inducted into the Dojima family. It’s in this game that we find out what influenced him to go down the paths he took , and how those paths made him into the character we know and love from the other games in the series.

Because the story of this series is so involved it will definitely take a bit of time to figure out what exactly is going down. To help prepare players for what to expect from the game, we’ve included this interview with Sega of America Localization Producer Scott Strichart. Check it out!

Intriguing, no? Really? You’re still not sold? Ok, what about after this trailer?

Ok you gotta admit that was pretty cool! Well, hopefully I was successful in peaking your interest. If so, be sure to mark your calendars for January 24, 2017, as the game will be released physically and digitally in the Americas and Europe exclusively on PS4. Also, everyone that pre-orders Yakuza 0 or manages to grab a launch day copy will automatically get “The Business Edition”. The Business Edition includes a stainless steel business card holder with Kiryu’s dragon and Majima’s demon tattoo design on each side, as well as three business cards from Tachibana Real Estate’s Kazuma Kiryu, Cabaret Grand’s Goro Majima, and the cabaret club Sunshine’s hostesses. You heard right. This could totally be you and your friends in the boardtoom:

Business Edition or no, one thing is for sure, you’d definitely be getting a good game in Yakuza 0.