New trailer revealed for “Skylanders Academy”


Activision announced today that “Skylanders Academy,” the first series from Activision Blizzard Studios, will premier via Netflix on October 28th. This puts it just a couple of weeks after the release of Skylanders Imaginators, the latest game in the series that I occasionally write about. To celebrate, in addition to revealing some new information about the show’s plot and voice actors, Activision revealed a new trailer for the series, which you can see above. Furthermore, there’s apparently a second season planned already, which will debut in late 2017.

The show will focus on a handful of popular Skylanders characters: series mascot Spyro (played by Justin Long), Eruptor (Jonathan Banks), Stealth Elf (Ashley Tisdale), Jet-Vac (Ellis Greg), and Pop Fizz (very appropriately played by Bobcat Goldthwait). This selection shouldn’t be a surprise to longtime fans of the series, as these characters routinely appear in trailers and other official videos for the games. Other voice actors will include Norm MacDonald and Susan Sarandon. Series veteran Richard Horvitz will also reprise his role of Skylanders archenemy Kaos from the games.