Robinson: The Journey will bring space dinosaurs to Playstation VR


For those of us who grew up holding a fascination with dinosaurs, there was Jurassic Park. For those of us more interested in all things galactic, there was Star Wars. Beginning November 8, developer Crytek will offer an experience to join these two worlds in Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR.

Robinson: The Journey

Players will take on the role of Robin, a young boy who once enjoyed life amidst the luxury of the Esmerelda, a multi-generational space ship, but now must fend for himself following the ship’s crash on a planet called Tyson III. Robin wanders the alien planet searching for answers, solving puzzles, and defending himself not only from the elements but also from the planet’s deadly population of dinosaurs. (I’ve never heard an argument against dinosaurs discovering space travel.) A robot companion called HIGS and a baby T-Rex called Laika join Robin on his adventure.

Crytek promises that Robinson: The Journey will immerse players in the world of Tyson III by pairing the VR experience with detailed and realistic visuals. “We obsess over the details. That is what makes it a living, believable world,” says Crytek’s art director Pascal Eggert.

Learn more about Robinson: The Journey  at the game’s official website before the title’s upcoming release.