Candle, the unique puzzle-adventure, gets a November release date


This coming November, Teku Studios and Daedalic Entertainment are looking to light a fire with Candle; a puzzling adventure with a gorgeous hand-painted watercolor style.

In Candle you play as Teku, a nod to the developer, who is tasked with rescuing his tribe’s shaman from a rival clan. The road to your shaman is filled to the brim with traps and pitfalls that require some solid deductive skills and the ability to keep your head on a swivel.


What makes Teku so special is that he has a hand that is a candle that you will use to light dark areas or fend off enemies; essentially the candle hand will play a large role in regards to the puzzle elements of the title.

Candle is described as  a “dynamic graphic adventure” because the game instantly pops off the screen with its incredible art style. Being that Candle is Teku Studios first ever game, the team wanted to make a lasting impression by actually hand painting all of the art assets. I’d have to say that all of the hard work pays off because the whole world looks like a vivid living painting.


In Teku Studios “first at-bat in the developers game”, they’ve created something that is just oozing personality right out of the gate. I’m very interested to check out Candle based off of this trailer and the visual style and I’m hoping the best for Teku Studios.

Candle will be available for download on Steam and this November 11th.