PSVR Aim Controller: nobody’s talking about it, here’s why you should be


With PlayStation’s Move Controllers comes a new age in VR interaction. Yes, other headsets are offering similar peripherals down the timeline, but Sony have created their VR experience around these magic wands.

However, it’s the PSVR Aim Controller that needs to share this limelight. The arcade games of yore with their arm-breaking metal hunks of wired gun controllers gaze at the awe that is this little plastic tube. It’s the controller that comes closest to the FPS VR experience we all envisioned at the whisper of VR in recent years.


Lightweight and reports of insane precision, the PSVR Aim Controller brings shooting as close as possible to the lifelike simulation we all dream of inhabiting. With all DualShock 4 functionality built into the unit, buttons are surprisingly easy to locate and surprisingly difficult to accidentally nudge in warfare. Though the actual handset bears slight resemblance to the flimsy peripherals of the Nintendo Wii days, the technology under the hood of this amazing creation sets it far apart from anything we’ve experienced before in shooting peripherals. Pinpoint accuracy and easy wielding seem to transform this toy-like add-on into any ultra-weapon a game could land you with once the headset is firmly in place.


At the moment, PSVR Aim is only used in conjunction with Sony’s upcoming title Farpoint, however you can bet it’ll be a mainstay of several titles in coming months. I’m excited to fully flex this little plastic miracle, and you should be too.