NX revealed as Nintendo Switch


This morning, Nintendo released a teaser trailer of sorts for its upcoming video game console the Nintendo Switch, previously known by the code name “NX.” As reported in a number of leaks, it’s a hybrid portable/home console, which can transition between the two just by putting the portable device into the dock.

The Nintendo Switch

The Joy-Con Controller

The other particularly interesting thing about the console is that the controls on either side of the portable device (called “Joy-Cons“) are actually removable, creating either two separate controllers for multiplayer, or a two-part controller reminiscent of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination.

There’s also something you can slide the Joy-Cons into to make them more like a traditional controller, and an Xbox-esque “Pro Controller” will be available as well.

For games that require more than a single Joy-Con for multiplayer, the trailer shows that you can connect multiple Nintendo Switch consoles wirelessly like with the 3DS. It isn’t clear whether the system will support more than two controllers at a time, but it seems likely.

That’s pretty much all of the information we have, though.

Nintendo Switch: Hardware and Software

In terms of hardware specifications, we know that it will have an Nvidia Tegra chip (which should allow for better graphics than on the Wii U), but that’s about it.

On the software side, besides the already announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the trailer shows off a brand new Mario game, Skyrim, an unknown basketball game, a new or updated Mario Kart game, and perhaps most intriguing, a new or updated Splatoon game.

None of these have actually been announced outside of Zelda, so we won’t know for sure until more details become available ahead of the device’s March release.