“Festival of the Lost” event for Destiny: Rise of Iron begins next week


Bungie announced today the upcoming Halloween event “Festival of the Lost” for Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Festival will feature all of the spooky staples including decorations, masks, candy, and dancing from October 25th to November 8th.

Beginning Tuesday, players will have access to a number of limited-time features and exclusives, including new Rare and Legendary masks, candy that provides gameplay buffs, and new Legendary dances and emotes in the Eververse. Some of these features, such as Rare masks, candy, and exclusive dances are only available while the event lasts. Other items like the Legendary masks and purchased dances or emotes will stick around after November 8th.

“Festival of the Lost” will also offer Taken King players a new Crucible map, Cathedral of Dusk. This map will remain in rotation following the Festival for Taken King players.

Read up more on the “Festival of the Lost” here and join in on October 25th.