Dishonored 2’s live action trailer brings game’s brutal abilities to life


Dishonored 2’s new trailer demonstrates the efficiency and the brutality of the powers players will have at their disposal in live action form.

Titled “Take Back What’s Yours,” the slick trailer is narrated excellently and serves to set up Dishonored 2’s main story elements – namely giving the dual protagonists some worthy motivation.

Corvo Attano, protagonist of the original Dishonored, makes his return along with his spooky mask. Emily Kaldwin, Corvo’s charge in the first game and ruler of the Empire of the Isles turned sword swinging wielder of shadowy monster magic is now playable along with Corvo in Dishonored 2. Together their goal is to deal with Delilah, a powerful black magic user who threatens the fate of the Empire.

The live action trailer features snippets of Corvo and Emily tossing around guards like ragdolls, teleporting around the city streets of Karnaca and summoning shadowy limbs and appendages to dispatch enemies. Check it out below.