Blizzard Entertainment creates a new league for professional Overwatch players


Overwatch, one of the biggest (not-so-surprise) hits of 2016, has been tearing its way through sales charts and building its player base to an incredibly impressive 20 million players. To capitalize on the runaway success of the title, developer Blizzard Entertainment has announced the Overwatch League. Really, it was only a matter of time before Blizzard, who has already had heaps of success with converting games to the eSports scene, built a more structured and competitive arena for the advanced players of the game.

As of right now, Blizzard plans to build fan bases for the Overwatch League by finding teams to represent major cities from different regions; similar to a traditional sports team. To decide who is worthy of being a professional Overwatch player, Blizzard will hold a combine for people who have previously shown they’ve got the right stuff to do well in a competitive setting. If you can impress with your skills and ability to work with a team, you may just get drafted by one of the established city teams and land a cushy pro gamer gig! Well actually, if you do manage to wrangle a contract, you’d be making the baseline minimum salary for a professional gamer. However, you’d still be a professional gamer and that’s certainly something to hang your hat on.

Overwatch sombra

Sombra, one of the newest heroes, shows Blizzard can mix up the competitive dynamic in big ways

The official Overwatch League combine is set to take place sometime before the inaugural season next year and more information will be given out as the season draws closer. In the meantime you can hone your skills and brush up on your Overwatch League knowledge. Who knows, you could be the next eSports sensation.


THIS could be YOU!

Blizzard has placed a lot of faith in the long term sustainability of Overwatch with this move as they are looking to provide their players with the same types of careers as traditional athletes. We’re talking contracts, agents, big money deals; the works.This is fantastic news for Overwatch fans, eSports fans, and potential eSports players. It’s really a slam dunk all around and if any company can pull this off, it’s going to be Blizzard Entertainment.