Full DualShock 4 support coming to Steam


I may be biased from a lifetime of PlayStation loyalty, but the DualShock 4 is by far the nicest controller I’ve ever gripped. So when the news broke earlier this week that Valve is testing Steam Configuration support for the PS4 controller, I was quietly leaping for joy at my desk.


I’ve never gotten on with the hefty Steam Controller. Too many touch pads spoil the buttons in my opinion, and one of the reasons I prefer console gaming is exactly that, the tactile motions of satisfying buttons. While it’s always been possible to link the DS4 to certain PC games, this has been a function provided by the developers themselves and doesn’t provide the certified quality that Valve itself can offer. External apps have also been a requirement to connect your weatherbeaten controller to certain titles, which ultimately clutter your desktop and create unnecessary space-consuming files. Acknowledging this, Valve let on only last month that it was looking into the area, and we finally have some progress.


Steam beta client users are now able to customise every button’s configuration in the same way they would for Valve’s own Steam Controller. In fact, the two controllers are more alike than you think. Because of the shared touchpad and gyro sensors, as well as similar layouts, the two controllers match up well with many, if not all, of the titles in your Steam library. Therefore, at the moment these users have the capacity to use their DS4 with every non-VR title available (yep even those without native support for such a gamepad).

It’s early days, and so this support is only available through the beta client but you can bet we’ll be seeing more progress on this support in coming months and it won’t be long before support is fully integrated into Steam’s interface.