Battlefield 1 gets first patch, flattens class ranks


EA’s hugely successful World War I shooter received its first lick of paint today, in an update that fixed a wide variety of release-day glitches.

The update comes just under one month after the release of Battlefield 1, and sees many of the minor wrinkles that tend to plague new releases ironed out. Notable fixes include the re-application of various dog-tags that had been previously unavailable, as well as performance improvements for PCs using lower graphical settings and issues connected to UI on console. For the full list, check out the blog page here.


Most crucial to note among these changes is that a glitch whereby class ranks would be incorrectly achieved has been resolved. What this means – for anyone who hit top rank on their Scout class within 24 hours of playtime – is that many players will find that their class ranks have been reset entirely; whilst you will keep any previously unlocked weapons, a few folks working their way to rank 10 will have to start over.

N.b. I’m going to caveat this a little, because despite having seen no evidence of any such glitch occurring to me in the first place, my ranks have also been reset. There is, therefore, a chance that the update has applied the same logic to everyone. Best not to dwell on it, though.

The update also brings a new feature or two: players will now be able to customise their soldier (i.e. personal and vehicular load-out) in the main menu, an option present in several previous entries to the Battlefield series. From what I gather, the system is a little flawed at the moment, so don’t get tetchy if EA release a ‘update to fix the update’ at some point in the near future.

Notice that I'm back to rank 0. *cries softly*

Notice that I’m back to rank 0. *cries softly*

On a more minor note, I have it on decent authority that changes have been made to the squad system, working in favour of those of you who are tactically-minded: should a squad member request an order and receive no response from their squad leader, the player who made the request will actually become squad leader, in what I can only describe as a kick in the teeth for any irresponsible ‘commanding officers.’

That just about covers it, to my knowledge. Battlefield 1 update 1.04 is out now across all platforms, available as an automatic download on PS4 and Xbox One.