Eagle Flight has just released an official soundtrack


Are you ready to fly like an eagle, like so many Steve Miller fans before you? Well, time may keep on slippin’ for some folks, but for others waiting to get their hands on a VR headset and a copy of Ubisoft’s VR flight sim, aptly titled Eagle Flight, time seems just too far out of reach. Lucky for those impatient few, Ubisoft has partnered with Sumthing Else Music Works to provide us with an original soundtrack to help ease the wait.


I would’ve thought that an eagle based flight game would have an OST full of wind noises and bird screeches, but the tracks are actually composed by 3-time BAFTA nominated composer, Inon Zur. For those unfamiliar with Zur’s name, you are probably more than familiar with his work on Fallout 3 and 4, as well as the Prince of Persia series. In the sections of the Eagle Flight soundtrack that I have heard, I could especially feel the connection to Zur’s previous work on Prince of Persia.

Sumthing Else has actually posted a nice preview of the Eagle Flight soundtrack on YouTube and it is pretty brilliant. There is a real sense of exploration that can be felt in the more laid back tunes and when the pace gets more aggressive and stinging you can feel your heart rate jump. In some instances, the soundtrack actually makes me feel like I’m watching some kind of National Geographic special on eagles, but in the game I am the eagle. Trippy, man. Real trippy.

You can pick up a digital version of the soundtrack here. Physical copies can be found in stores this November 18th.

If you own a Playstation VR or an Oculus Rift and you want more details on the Eagle Flight game, check out the official site here.

Unfortunately, if you own an HTC Vive the game will not be available on your headset until December 20th.