Play the Steep open beta this weekend


Have you ever seen a picture of a snowy mountain top and thought, “oh man, I’d love to fall down that at a ridiculous speed”? Well then you are in luck my friends, because Ubisoft is opening up a beta trial for their new extreme sports game, Steep, this weekend only on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and PC.

Last weekend Ubisoft held a closed beta for Steep, which I was lucky enough to get into. So it’s fair to say that I am an expert on this game. To put it simply, Steep is all about racing down mountains while using various pieces of sports equipment and trying to look good while also trying to not die.




In order to fall with grace down the mountain, you’ll be using skis, a snowboard, a wingsuit, and a parachute. The skis and snowboard are mostly the same; the skis go faster and the snowboard does some more tricks. The wing suit is incredibly fun to weave in and out of trees and ridges. If you want to imagine what the wing suit is like, picture the gliding in the Batman Arkham games, but you’re 2 feet off the ground and going faster than most cars on the freeway. Parachuting and paragliding is terrible and should be avoided at all costs. It controls terribly and slows the pace of the game down to a crawl. It’s just not enjoyable.




You’ve got a lot of options in how you play Steep. You can race on your skis, race on your snowboard, race in your wing suit, race with your parachute… pretty much just race the majority of the time. To be fair, the racing is very well done. The sense of speed is handled very well and makes every race feel incredibly tense because one slip up can spell doom for your run.




There are also freestyle score-attack type challenges on your snowboard, but if I’m being entirely honest the controls and the whole trick system is a mess. Most of the time the grabs or spins wouldn’t work correctly; I would enter the jump doing the same controls and get different outcomes almost every time. So sometimes my snowboarder would get launched in the air off a ramp just to stand perfectly still in the air and sometimes he would launch and do a sick 1080 spin until he faceplanted into a house.




However, Ubisoft has stated that they have listened to feedback from the early access beta and have tried to implement that into the current beta. These fixes could be small things like font changes for text or big things like actually making paragliding fun. Let’s figure out this beast together, because the open beta is running right now until November 21st.

You can register for your copy here.