REVIEW / Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 3 (PS4)


New World Order, the third of Batman – The Telltale Series, has been out for nearly a month. So, I thought it was time to give it a proper review before the fourth episode Guardian of Gotham makes it way here within the next couple days. There will be spoilers in this review, so  if you haven’t played episode 3, read my previous reviews here and here. Ever since episode 2, Children of Arkham, the frame rates and visual style has remained the same ( meaning good quality in terms of design and decent with frame rates) so we will focus on the intro the story and what choices are available in the game.


Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne's longtime friend and only one who knows his double-sided life.

Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne’s longtime friend and only one who knows his double-sided life.


You begin the episode walking down the cold, empty hallways of Gotham’s hospital as Bruce accompanied by Selina with flowers to visit Harvey after his accident in the previous episode. He has won the election by default because of Hill’s murder, which Selina comments that he’ll probably be displeased with. Before entering the room, Selina admits she can’t go in there saying that she doesn’t want to face him, the accident, and just wants to disappear from his life. She hands you the flowers and leaves while you walk into Harvey’s room to see his face half wrapped in bandages concealing the damage. Harvey is anxious about continuing with his campaign to clean up Gotham and tells Bruce he has a speech later tonight which Bruce thinks isn’t a good idea. You leave soon after as you notice out the window the Bat signal which is it’s first appearance in the series.

Gordon is on the roof complaining that there aren’t enough cops out to deal with all the issues going on around the city. He asks Batman to either protect Harvey who is in trouble on his way to the speech or to assist Montoya who’s cornered while gathering clues against the Children of Arkham. This is your first choice in the game, and different scenarios appear depending on who you choose to assist, so I will skip ahead. Bruce heads to his headquarters, Wayne Industries, and finds the chairwoman in his grand office.


The new Harvey Dent, multiple personalities and all

The new Harvey Dent, multiple personalities and all


She informs you that there is a board meeting to decide whether or not you will be voted out of CEO for Wayne Corp. You ask her how they could do this to you and she reassures you she will try her best to help you, but the board members are trying to save face in light of Thomas Wayne’s actions. She leaves and you head through a secret passageway downstairs to Lucius Fox who has been assisting you with creating and keeping all of Batman’s tech up to date. He expresses his concerns on what could happen if you’re booted out of the company, even if temporarily, and then gives you the terrible news that the Children of Arkham have access to all the communications systems in Gotham including the GCPD.

You return to your office just as the chairwoman comes back to give you even more awful news. Not only are you being forced to step down as CEO of your company temporarily, but Oswald Cobblepot (the Penguin) will be taking over for the time being. Rage boils inside of Bruce as Oswald slides into the office and breaks a precious memento Alfred had given you for graduating high school many years ago. As you exit the building, Lucius meets you outside asking  whether you want him to stay with the company and act as an informant although you will receive no new gear for a long period of time or if he should quit and work only for Batman. The future remains unclear as you make your decisions, what will happen to Wayne Enterprises?


it's getting steamy between Batman and Catwoman

It’s getting steamy between Batman and Catwoman.


Let’s skip ahead some more, Catwoman rescues Batman after the pair has a run-in with the Children of Arkham and their leader and he has injured pretty badly. She takes him back to her apartment where he rests up on the couch and he meets her Siamese cat who really hates him. They talk and start to get close (both emotionally and physically) when Catwoman begins kissing Batman and dropping some hints about getting intimate. You have the choice of accepting or declining, although let’s admit its far more interesting if you accept. Don’t worry about there being an explicit scene because there’s nothing you haven’t seen in a PG-13 movie honestly. The fact that they added a scene like this though to a Telltale game seems a bit racy and an interesting play on their part.

After a passionate night with Selina, Harvey awkwardly barges his way in while Bruce is still there and as you can tell from the image above, it’s pretty obvious what they did the night before. Considering the fact that Selina was originally Dent’s love interest and is now Bruce’s along with the fact that Bruce and Harvey are buddies….. it makes for a cringy situation to say in the least. Since Harvey Dent is not only himself anymore, with his “other self” Twoface in the picture, things got violent very quickly. He takes a knife from Selina’s kitchen and threatens to kill them in the stereotypical crazy ex-boyfriend “If I can’t have you then no one can” way. Selina and Bruce calm him down, but only after beating the crap outta him, which he sobs for being unable to control the voices in his head that make him do things.


Well this just got awkward...

Well this just got awkward…


Now I will show you what choices you can make and what I chose.

Choice 1: Did you assist Montoya or protect Harvey? I protected Harvey.

Choice 2: Did you punch Oswald Cobblepot or keep your cool? I kept my cool.

Choice 3: Did Lucius keep his job with Wayne Enterprises or quit to work for Batman? I told him to keep his job.

Choice 4: Did you get intimate with Catwoman or refuse?  I got intimate with Catwoman.

Choice 5: Did you fight Harvey in Selina’s apartment or try to talk him down? I fought Harvey.

New World Order was bursting with intensity, passionate moments, and twists around every corner. It instilled in the player a sense of anger from the injustices done to Batman and Bruce Wayne alike while showing off the softer side of us as well. For example, looking down sadly at the shattered gift from Alfred strewn across the floor which was very dear to Bruce was heartbreaking. Introducing familiar elements from the Batman franchise such as Lucius and the Bat signal was a nice touch although I’m curious about what other familiar elements they’ll include in the next two episodes? Will we get to see any more iconic villains like Joker, Poison Ivy, or Scarecrow? Or perhaps additional allies like a Robin or Batgirl in some form? We’ll see soon as episode 4 will be premiering on Nov 22nd.


  • 8.5/10
    - 8.5/10

Leaves you wanting more (in the good way)

New World Order is gripping and frustrating in terms of how gut-wrenching the storyline is transporting you from passionate scenes of love to heart-breaking betrayals. The gameplay is as good as always albeit with some more dialogue than previous episodes. I hope the series moves forward with the same approach in compelling, fast-paced action along with interesting story.