Yakuza 0 shows us the nightlife of 1980s Japan


About a month ago we gave you the lowdown on the prequel to Yakuza and how it’s about the series’ mainstays, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, as they work and grind towards making a name for themselves in the seedy underbelly of Japan in the happenin’ 1980s. However, just because these gangsters work hard, doesn’t mean they can’t play hard. Those Yakuza boys just wanna have fun.

In the new trailer we can see that some of the same activities from past Yakuza entries are still present, but have been updated to reflect the series going back to the 80s. The past Yakuza games had arcades called Club Sega that featured titles such as Virtua Fighter, Taiko Drum Master, and UFO catchers. In Yakuza 0, the arcades have been changed to Sega Hi-Tech Land with throwback classics like Out Run, Super Hang On, and Space Harrier.

Yakuza arcade

The sheer nostalgia for this arcade game is off the charts.

The karaoke from games past has also been spiced up with Japanese 80s power ballads, which sounds absolutely amazing. I’m a simple man; I hear something like “Japanese 80s power ballad” and I get excited. Not a karaoke fan? Well good news, there’s a disco club where you can dance the night away.

Yakuza club

The 80’s were renowned for their various clubs and club-like areas

I know what you’re thinking, “my only options are karaoke and disco?” To which I say, those are perfectly absurd enough, but Yakuza 0 will do you one better. As you may know, the Yakuza are all about that money and gambling is a big theme in the games. You could gamble in traditional Japanese games like Shogi, try your luck in traditional casino games like blackjack, or even try your hand at the pachinko slots. Showing they aren’t content with the tried and true, Sega is bringing in a risqué betting game called Japanese Catfight Club. To my knowledge, this appears to just be betting on ladies mud wrestling matches. I’ll stick with the power ballads, but if that’s in your niche, more power to you.

Yakuza pocket-racer

Maybe I’ll stick with the tiny cars.

Yakuza 0 shows that there are plenty of games to be played in this virtual world, but until then you’re going to have to play the waiting game. Yakuza 0 is coming to the Playstation 4 in the Americas and Europe January 24th, 2017.