The MVR Ascend may just turn the whole VR industry on its head


It didn’t reach its Kickstarter goal earlier this month, and yet the MVR Ascend’s proposal of a VR headset like no other still stands strong. The British piece of gear allows any first person game to be experienced in full VR; that means you can now be immersed in your entire PS4, Xbox One, and PC library.


Aiming to fill the gap between the high end bank breaking headsets and the mobile gimmicks, the Ascend uses a smartphone to stream gameplay into both its own controller and motion controls. By overriding gamepad control assignments, the headset is able to integrate VR-typical controls into games that previously had no such support. The experience is tether free, with further add ons to enhance freedom when using with PC titles.


Aside from its obvious title variety advantages, the headset itself also proposes a series of features that are appealing to any VR experience. Instead of a cumbersome tirade of unplugging and wriggling out of a headset to take a break or simply re-enter the real world for a second, the hardware is able to simply flip open. The front panel unlocks and allows users to view the outside world quickly and snap back into gameplay with just as much ease.

To use the system with PS4 your Android smart phone will do just fine, however as Xbox One is unable to stream directly to smartphones, an extra MVR screen will be required, supplied when purchasing the Xbox One variant.


Not much has been heard from the company since its Kickstarter unfortunately went unmet; however whether it comes from MVR themselves or another developer, the Ascend represents an exciting step towards adaptable and affordable VR experiences without the clunk of heavy industry giants.