The Climb will reach new virtual heights with upcoming update


The Climb will take virtual free solo rock climbing to a new level on December 6, announced developer Crytek today, with a major update that will deliver Oculus Touch support as well as a whole new area to master called North.

The Oculus Touch controllers, which will also debut December 6, promise to offer intuitive controls that will compliment VR games by further immersing the player in the experience. Naturally, these sort of controls should perfectly pair with The Climb to heighten the sense of thrill and suspense the game already creates in players.

Players will have the opportunity to put these new controls to the test in North, where Icelandic inspiration gives rise to snow-capped peaks and distant volcanoes. With the arrival of the North location comes a set of new challenges to face alone or with friends as well as new leadership boards and new player-customization options, including accessories designed just for the North area.

Find more information on The Climb or on the upcoming update at the title’s official website.