Firewatch shifts a cool 1 million copies


The development team behind 2015’s surprise indie success Firewatch have announced that their flagship adventure-exploration game has officially shifted over one million units.

"What do you mean, there's no fast travel?"

“What do you mean, there’s no fast travel?”

If you’ve been living on a rock in a forest in Wyoming (that’s an inside joke, and I don’t even care), let me explain: Firewatch is a first-person mystery adventure game set in the Shoshone National Forest in 1989, and follows the life of lookout Henry as he and his supervisor Delilah uncover a conspiracy buried deep within the park. Released in 2015, Firewatch received positive reviews, with any complaints being directed toward a slightly lackluster ending. If you want to check out TVGB’s own review of the game, you’re in luck, because I’m a kind soul who provides links to these things. We rated it a comfy 8.8/10.

Living on a rock in a forest in Wyoming...

Living on a rock in a forest in Wyoming…

The game scored big at both the Unity Awards and the Golden Joystick Awards (2016), picking up Best 3D Visual Experience and Best Indie Game respectively, and so it comes as no surprise that by the end of last year, Firewatch had sold over one million copies worldwide, with a majority coming from purchases on PC. There’s even a film in the works, and so in spite of the videogame industry’s poor track record with big-screen adaptations (looking at you, Ubisoft and Blizzard), we can still hope for as compelling a story as can be found in-game.

"CD Projekt Red? Never heard of 'em."

“CD Projekt Red? Never heard of ’em.”

Recent updates to Firewatch have given it a new-found sense of replay value, offering a ‘free-roam’ mode that incorporates all of the features and locations present in the original narrative as well as a new day-night cycle and the chance to check out the “entire” Shoshone Forest.

All in all, then, I’m wondering why you’re still reading this, and haven’t immediately opened YouTube to take a look at some gameplay.

Go on.