SMITE World Championship 2017 day three recap


Day three of the 2017 SMITE  World Championship was by far the most intense and exciting day yet! Each set of matches went all the way to GAME FIVE! It doesn’t get any better than that folks. Continue reading for all the details!

I also included some newly released trailers showcasing gameplay and ranked changes happening in Season 4 of SMITE !

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(Best of Five)

Match 1:

Obey Alliance vs. Team Eager

Obey won the first two matches of this set with ease and many thought game three would be no different. They were wrong. Eager came back with a vengeance, winning their next two matches and stealing away any hope Obey might have had for an easy 3-0 set. However, in the final game, CaptainTwig’s Fenrir easily stole the show and secured Obey’s spot in the Finals.


I snagged a pic with CaptainTwig and PrettyPriMe after their big win!


Match 2:

Luminosity Gaming vs. NRG Esports

This set was a lot more back and forth with Luminosity winning the first game and NRG winning the two after that. Luminosity then won the fourth match, bringing on game 5. This is where things got a little weird…

Instead of picking a mage, Xenotronics, Luminosity’s mid player, chose Izanami and fed. This odd pick by Xeno cost Luminosity the match as he went 0/4/1 and left his team in dire need of magic damage. NRG was able to pick-up an easy third win and locked down their spot in the finals for the second year in a row.


Adapting was more than a little excited by their victory over Luminosity.




Make sure to visit TVGB tomorrow for coverage on the matches between Obey Alliance and NGR Esports during the final day of the 2017 SMITE  World Championship!

The EU scrim partners will go head-to-head in a best five series, with the winning team becoming the new SMITE World Champions!

Happy Gaming!