Urban Empire releases today for PC


Today sees the rise of a new political figure, whose decisions will effect a large number of reliant citizens. This figure is no president, but rather a mayor. Urban Empire, which released today from developer Reborn Games and publisher Kalypso Media, places players in the position of mayor over a town built both physically and politically on the player’s decisions.

Urban Empire

In Urban Empire, players begin by selecting one of four families to play as. Each family holds different values and agendas that will in turn shape the growing city. From there, players have 200 years to transform their city from the Industrial Age to the Modern through implementation of various ideas and technologies as well as directing the physical layout of the city.

Reborn Games released a launch trailer to give a look at how these mechanics come together in this unique city-building title.

Urban Empire is available for Windows PC both on Steam and GOG. A boxed Limited Special Edition is available as well, which includes the ‘Half-Timbered Building Pack’ DLC, a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, and a poster.