Games you should play with bae


Valentine’s Day is upon us and so begins the annual buying of chocolate and gifts. Reservations will be made. Flowers will be killed for the pleasure of another. A thick aura of love will be engulfing the air around most of the people you meet. However, instead of going out on a fancy date with bae, let me offer you an alternative. These are games you should play with bae.



If your significant other is the creative type then look no further than these two games. Minecraft is a household name thanks to all the Let’s Plays on Youtube and should be a fairly simple pickup for gamers of any skill level. If you prefer your games in 2D Terraria delivers a similar experience with graphics right out of the early 90s. In both games you will build, fight, and dig your way to a better world for you and bae. It’s not a good time until someone accidentally gets killed by an Enderman or a creeper blows up your entire hideout. Also, watch out for blood moons in Terraria, they are killer.


Borderlands The Handsome Jack Collection

If your significant other is the adventurous type then may I recommend Borderlands The Handsome Jack Collection. Not only does it come with Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel but it also comes with all of the DLC for those games. This game promotes teamwork and plays better when you and bae are on the same page. Borderlands has always been known for having a bazillion different guns for you to blast your way through Pandora with. And we all know nothing says love like murdering bandits on the couch with bae.


Left 4 Dead 2

If binging The Walking Dead is something that you and bae are currently doing then Valve’s zombie shooter is the game for you. Not only does it feature couch co-op and some pretty sweet zombie murdering action but it also feels amazing when you get in the helicopter before your significant other and then you fly to safety as they are being beaten to death. Good times.

castle crashers

Castle Crashers

Maybe you don’t need epic storylines, never ending landscapes or zombie hordes. If hacking and slashing your way through waves of enemies while fighting with your significant other over a fiction princess seems like a great time then Castle Crashers is for you. The goal is simple, save time princesses and kill the evil guy with the magic. Oh yea, only one of you can kiss the princess so fight it out amongst yourselves.


Mario Kart

And when all else fails, go for the classics. Mario Kart has always been the multiplayer game of choice when I wanted to throw down with girlfriends. It is cartoony enough to be non-threatening. Easy enough for anyone to pick up and play. And slightly on the addicting side. If you want a game that will rev your partner’s engine, then this one is for you.

And there you have it, a list of games that bae will either love of hate while wondering why you decided to cancel dinner in order to sit in front of the t.v. and play more videogames. The least you can do is order one of those heart shaped pizzas.