SMITE Adventures are here!


The popular MOBA’s new in-game event, SMITE  Adventures, is officially live and holy crap is it exciting!

Two teams go head-to-head in a series of quests, races and various other competitions that I’m surely not athletic enough to be a part of. Winners will gain glory, prestige and eventual access to the illustrious Gold Vault! The losers will have to brush themselves off and try again.

Check out the first of these events, Nike’s Valley of Victory, in the trailer below!



Coming out victorious helps players reap the rewards of the Gold Vault: limited availability Tier 4 skins!

There’s currently only two skins found in the vault, but Hi-Rez promises more will be added in the future with more new Adventures.


Guan Unicorn Guan Yu

SMITE Guan Unicorn

One of the two skins available in the Gold Vault.


The best part of these SMITE  Adventures, however, is that they’re completely FREE! That’s right! It costs nothing but your time and skill to compete. That’s not to say financially supporting your favorite MOBA isn’t without its perks though. Anyone wanting a quick access to the Gold Vault can buy their way in with the “Victory Bundle,” the first of many Adventure bundles.

The Victory Bundle contains a limited Nike skin, Conqueror Nike, a one-of-kind global emote that changes form the more Adventures you complete, a limited music theme and a Gold Key! The Gold Key unlocks one of the limited skins found only in the Gold Vault.


Conqueror Nike

SMITE Victorious Nike

Available exclusively in the Victory Bundle.


This bundle, normally 1000 gems, is currently on sale for the discounted rate of 700! A rather victorious investment in my opinion. But, what’s that you say? You don’t feel like investing? Don’t you worry, I’m taking care of you. The first three readers to leave the story of their most memorable SMITE  victory on this article’s Facebook post will be given a code to unlock a Victory Bundle for free!

There will be a new Adventure bundle released with every new Adventure.


Swashbuckler Susano

SMITE Swashbuckler Susano

One of the two skins available in the Gold Vault.

Suffice it to say, SMITE  just got a whole lot more competitive.

Nike’s Valley of Victory is live on PC until March 28th. Once it’s gone, a new Adventure will take it’s place. PS4 and Xbox One players have until April 4th as console Adventures don’t start until March 7th. To learn more about SMITE Adventures and all its logistics, please check out the following two links:

Official SMITE  Adventures Website

SMITE  Adventures FAQs

Good luck out there and may Nike guide you to victory!