Capcom announce The Disney Afternoon Collection


I’m not sure what it was like for you millenials out there but back in the 90s kids tv was brilliant. Any weekend morning and most evenings after school were spent parked in front of a television set watching cartoons. Many of our favourite shows were turned into videogames and Capcom is wanting to remind us slightly older gamers of just how good some of these games were and of course introduce you youngsters to them in the process.

The Disney Afternoon Collection, will be available for digital download in North America and Europe on XBOX One, PS4 and PC from April 18th and will comprise of six games featuring some really well loved Disney characters.


Firstly, you can expect to see a return of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and its sequel. You’ll be able to take control of the two lovable chipmunks in their adventures to thwart the schemes of Fat Cat. In the first of the two games you’ll go out and try to solve the mystery of a missing kitten. The sequel sees the brother’s arch enemy escape from jail and will follow their attempts to stop the villain attaining world domination(this is a 90s Disney bad guy, what else would he be doing?), and put him back behind bars where he belongs.


Next up in our afternoon viewing schedule is Darkwing Duck. Take control of the caped crusading super hero and fight a series of felons associated with the rather aptly named criminal organisation F.O.W.L. in this old school platformer.


Not had enough? Of course you haven’t! Let’s continue our viewing pleasure with another couple of excellent old timers. We’ve covered one famous animated duck so let’s do another. The feathered friend of which we speak is Scrooge McDuck and this can only mean Ducktales and Ducktales 2. There’s one thing that Scrooge loves and that’s money. Follow him around the world on a quest to collect treasures from some pretty iconic locations including The Bermuda Triangle and Niagra Falls.


Rounding things off and moving away from the platformer theme that the other games in this bunch take is Talespin. Take control of Balloo the Bear in a side scrolling shooter that sees him piloting his plane through exotic and dangerous locations in this memorable adventure.


All six games are being remastered into beautiful HD yet feature a number of filtering options which will allow them to retain that classic retro look and feel. Each game will also feature two new playable modes. Boss Rush will see players battling through boss fights consecutively in a challenging gauntlet. Time attack will be the other new mode which encourages time-based gameplay and offers online leaderboards. Interestingly, a “rewind” function has also been added allowing the player to go back in time and avoid life threatening mistakes. This should smooth out a few rough edges for first time playes who won’t remember just how tricky the original games could be. In addition to all of this the collection will also feature an in-game Disney Museum jam packed with concept art, character art, advertisements and music harking back to the original games.


Fans of the originals looking for nostalgia and many retro gamers will probably really enjoy this collection. At a very reasonable $19.99, £15.00 for you European folk, for six full titles plus extras, whether you be an old hand or completely new to the games in this compendium this may well be a solid buy and a nice addition to your own libraries. With that being said and until April 18th, all this Disney talk has rather put me in the mood to go and watch a few cartoons of my own.