REVIEW / Toy Odyssey (PS4)


Action-adventure games are kind of a staple in my home. There’s not much that excites my curiosity more than sitting down to play one of these gems. Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found certainly did not disappoint. I was really pleasantly surprised by this game! The difficulty level itself offered a hearty challenge that I did not expect, and in turn offered many hours of entertainment.

 Toy Odyssey 1


First off, the graphics in this game are clean, crisp, and downright beautiful! The colors pop, the shadows are looming, and the heights you climb are absolutely terrifying. Aside from the creepy ominous baby laughing in the background, the simple and classic sounding music complement the speed and curiosity of gameplay. Starting at your base, you will head out into the house which has randomly generated rooms. The rooms are darkened unless you are able to hit the light switch. A healthy variety of enemies populate every room, and they get progressively more difficult to defeat the higher in the house you climb.


There are objectives, but I had difficulty completing them. Fighting your way through the rooms, you’re forced to climb dangerously high on surfaces that are small or precarious in nature. Certain surfaces are only used as a “jumping off” point, and will fall away, causing you to plummet to your likely death. Any missed step that made me fall from dangerous heights caused a rollercoaster-drop feeling in my stomach EVERY time.


Toy Odyssey 2


It takes a serious investment of time to build up your base to protect it. You have the choice of heading back to your base at any time, or you will be automatically sent there if your character dies. Either way, you bring back any supplies you gathered (and sometimes you return to your base having been raided!) The base building is tedious and time consuming. You need a supreme amount of random resources to reinforce different aspects of your base, and you only have limited slots available to hold collected items. After collecting enough materials, you will be able to build a junk chest to store items.


I felt a definite “give and take” of the resources gathered vs. resources stolen while I was away… sometimes it felt like I was just breaking even! This made my progress feel extremely slowed at times. Your base itself looks like a child’s bedroom and offers various items and characters to interact with. You can upgrade your wearable items and craft innumerable weapons made with different materials (plastic, wood, etc), you just have to collect the randomly dropped blueprints first. There are various characters to speak with to accept quests and whatnot. You can also read through diary entries you find throughout your explorations, if you so desire. I found little interest in listening to the characters dialogue, but these conversations are easily skipped. The base building aspect itself though was a very interesting and complex aspect of the game. Reinforce doors and windows, build a bed wall, floor barricade, etc. to make your base stronger in defense. I have spent a lot of time playing the game, but have not fully explored the base-building due to lack of resources.


Toy Odyssey 5


The controls are easy to learn, and you can learn new skills by upgrading your gear. For example; upgrade your footwear to be able to jump higher. The effectiveness of your attacks on enemies varies with each weapon. Upgrade your weapon to attack harder and faster, and upgrade your wearable items to increase armor and abilities. The extent of the controls was basically attacking and jumping from platform to platform to great heights.


You collect keys to unlock different rooms, but running out of keys stunts your progression and may force you to head back to your base to end the night. I found the map to only be helpful when I was looking for how to reach a particular room. You have the choice to utilize rat holes to travel between rooms that have already been discovered. You will find chests full of treasures and various items to destroy to pick up hidden loot, and you will also come across locked up toys that need to be released.


Toy Odyssey 4


With only one glitch problem I experienced and one typo I noticed in character text, overall Toy Odyssey was an absolute pleasure to play! The difficult challenge of collecting enough resources to build your base kept bringing me back. Because, in all honestly, who doesn’t love a good challenge now and then? It was repetitive in nature, but I didn’t feel like that aspect detracted from my gameplay. It felt like I was playing a nostalgic game, one that I expect could quite possibly become a classic “go-to” game for some people. The exploration was definitely addicting, and the resource gathering is something I enjoy in any game. Before starting, I honestly didn’t expect that I would want to keep playing this game, but the base building and the stomach-turning thrill I get when falling will keep me coming back. I will absolutely be continuing my adventures in Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found!


This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.
Easy on the eyes, randomly generated toy paradise!
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The sinking pit in my stomach that I experienced every time I fell from a fatal height was a rush, and the colorful and smooth artwork only added to the thrill of my experience. The randomly generated rooms make it feel like a new game every run through and in my opinion, increases the replayability value.