Get out your pins – Voodoo Vince: Remastered has released on Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC


You have your Master Chief, and you have your Kameo, and then you have maybe a few other characters you could call true mascots for the Xbox discography, but do you know who was the first character to come to the head of Microsoft’s Game Studios Phil Spencer? That’s right, Voodoo Vince! New Orleans’ own masochistic doll steps back into the neon light with Voodoo Vince: Remastered after more than thirteen years since his debut appearance on the original Xbox. Releasing as a remastered edition means that you’ll get the full package: a crisp new 1080p, high-definition view of Vince and the various ghoulish settings of Louisiana, as well as the buttery smooth 60 frames per second gameplay.

The original Voodoo Vince released to a favorable critical reception and a more or less dedicated fanbase; however even at that point the mascot-platformers of the previous eras had seem to fall off the wayside. Donkey Kong, Banjo, Crash; all had landed their biggest punches by this point, and the only franchise to continue to shepherd the platform banner was the platformer in Mario; the Galaxy franchise being the best the genre has, and possibly the best it will ever have to offer.

But then we have a secret ingredient that gamers these days seem to go absolutely bonkers over: nostalgia, and Voodoo Vince looks to tug on those unhemmed strings in spades. There haven’t been any updates to the levels or gameplay outside of the visuals, and they haven’t added any new secrets or little extras. Vince is tasked with saving Madam Charmaine from the clutches of the evil jerk, Kosmo the Inscrutable, and will use his voodoo powers to lay the pain on…himself… like dropping an anvil on himself, of course to damage other enemies, because that’s how voodoo works and that’s how Vince rolls. Boasting 30 unique Big Easy inspired levels, Vince must use his unique powers and abilities to traverse and conquer Kosmo and his band of goons.


Voodoo Vince: Remastered is being released on Xbox One and Windows 10, and clearly learning from the massive error it made with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, releasing their remaster on Steam, as well. The game goes for–again, smart stuff Xbox–the price of $14.99, which is an easy sink to get your hours of a quick and delightful trip down memory lane.