Bombservice announces Momodora V


The developer of the Momodora series, Bombservice, has announced the in progress title Momodora V. This game is the first third-person action adventure entry in the series.  The game is built using Unity 3D and follows the story of a priestess named Momo who is on a quest to heal a sacred tree and purify her land.

Bombservice will be showing the game at an exhibit at A 5th of BitSummit from May 20 to 21. The other games in the series have all been platform 2D games. This game is the first in the series to be done in 3D. From what I can see in this trailer it has a slight Minecraft feel; however, the pixel art style and the movements of the character herself in the environment look great. I would love to get my hands on this one and play it. And the music sounds great as well. It fits what you see in the trailer. So, fellow gamers, I say keep your eyes open for this one. This game will be released for PC.