Total War: Warhammer II Lizardmen trailer


As a long time casual Warhammer: Fantasy Battles player and fan of the Lizardmen army, I have never been quite so excited for a trailer. I was particularly disappointed to see that my all-time favorite army was not in the original Total War: Warhammer game, so seeing that they’re going to be one of four armies in the coming release has me giddy. Given how much I enjoyed the first entry, Total War: Warhammer II is shaping up to be another incredible adaptation of the tabletop game.

The sequel/expansion to Total War: Warhammer so far has confirmed Lizardmen (duh), High Elves, Dark Elves, and there is a fourth race that they haven’t outright said is Skaven but we all know it’s Skaven. Just watch the end of the announcement trailer and just try to tell me that you think it’s gonna be Ogre Kingdoms or something.

There will be a playable build of Total War: Warhammer II at E3 this year, but we have to wait until later this year to finally see the finished product.

If you simply can’t wait, Total War: Warhammer is currently available and is a great time for Warhammer and Total War fans alike.

You can learn more about Total War: Warhammer II here.