Housemarque explains why Nex Machina is only on PS4 and PC


If you haven’t heard already, Housemarque’s game Nex Machina is coming to both PS4 and PC. Fans have been wondering if they will be considering other platforms. DualShockers has had a chat with their head of publishing, Mikael Haveri, who gave them the reasons why they are sticking to Sony’s console and PC for the moment.

“Those two platforms are what you’re getting.

There are always weird costs and time things involved if you want to go on more platforms. We’re very familiar with PlayStation 4 and our engine runs on PC. Those both seem to be big viable markets as well so when you put one and one together you get the two platforms we’re at right now.

I will add however that I love my Switch and I’ve been playing it more than my PS4. Again though, the question is whether or not Nex Machina would be able to run on that device. Very likely, the answer is no. On the Scorpio however, I think it would run because that’s a pretty kick ass system. But again, for Nex Machina, these are the business deals we have now. Maybe twenty years down the line we will have special collectors editions for other platforms.”

He also went on to mention what kind of built in support will be offered for the PS4 Pro.

“I will put it into terms that we can talk about right now. Bascially, we will have PS4 Pro support. Currently, it’s pretty straightforward. We’re just trying to figure out what the optimal resolution is that we can tie in with the 60 frames per second because that is a must for this title. We can’t promise any specific resolutions right now, but that’s currently what we’re trying to polish and figure out.

We will be releasing a short tech video at some point to talk about the sort of weird technology in Nex Machina. The game doesn’t have a normal engine where you can add different graphical features depending on the platform’s specs that you’re working with. Every aspect of the engine is very much tied to the resolution. So yeah, on PS4 Pro it’ll look better, but mostly geared towards the resolution scale.”

So, according to this, it looks as if it is a graphics based decision in some respects. It is also because of business, from what I can see here. Developers usually go with what is cost effective and feasibly possible. What I do hope to see is less complaint from people when it comes to what platform they play their games on. If we all enjoy videogames, why the fuss over what we’re playing the game with?