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Our Findings for The Best Gaming Desk of 2017

The average computer desk can be adequate for an ardent PC gamer. Then again so can a TV dinner tray.

That is assuming you stabilize it correctly, can place your CPU below it in a safe spot, add a few attachments to hold your accessories, and secure the monitor on the tabletop. Obviously, anyone who takes PC gaming even somewhat seriously knows that in order to enjoy your custom machine and library of PC games, you need a gaming desk.


In summary, our top picks of the best desks for gaming in 2017 are as follows:

TVGB's Best Overall Pick
Atlantic Gaming Desk
Great for Corner Gaming Setup
Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Looks Slick, but Lacking...
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk
Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific
Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk, Black
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table (Small(EGT523))
1412 Reviews
1046 Reviews
12 Reviews
Avg. Rating
TVGB's Best Overall Pick
Atlantic Gaming Desk
Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific
1412 Reviews
Avg. Rating
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Great for Corner Gaming Setup
Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk, Black
1046 Reviews
Avg. Rating
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Looks Slick, but Lacking...
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table (Small(EGT523))
12 Reviews
Avg. Rating
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The List:


Our Pick for the Best Gaming Desk: Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific
1412 Reviews
Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific
  • Cable Management System
  • Non-marring Feet,Steel-rod Construction
  • Fits 27 inch flat panel monitor up to 40 lbs
  • Silver Metallic Steel & Carbon Fiber Finish Top
  • Include Charging Station, Speaker Trays, Storage Drawer, Table-top Reinforcement Bar, Monitor Stand, 2 Controller Hooks, Game Storage Rack, Wire-management Trim Plates, Rear Power-strip Holder, Headphone Hook & Cup Holder


  • Two different variants
  • Minimal but strong design
  • Customizable accessory setup
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall cheap gaming desk


  • Limits the buyer to a single monitor and one on the smaller side
  • In rare instances, an occasional individual unit may bear minor defects


Stressing a light and open frame design suited specifically for gaming equipment the Atlantic Gaming Desk is one of the best gaming desks designed for that particular task.


A Desk With Multiple Facets

This desk is the epitome of a customizable PC gaming desk. The desktop is constructed out of a charcoal-colored carbon fiber, and the frame is stainless steel. Unlike other models, this desk doesn’t have any unnecessary aesthetic flourishes or ornamentation; all of the numerous accessories and features serve a specific function to facilitate your gaming experience.

What distinguishes this model from others is that rather than come in multiple color schemes this desk comes available in two structural variants: the standard Gaming Desk and the Gaming Desk Pro. The former can fit any flat panel monitor up to twenty-seven inches or a monitor model which weighs up to forty pounds and has two small speaker holders. The latter model variant has larger and more robust frame, so it can hold slightly larger monitors. The under hanging storage metal mesh drawer is a bit bigger, too.

Both models feature a charging station, a dorsal storage drawer, dual controller hooks, a game storage rack, rear mounted power-strip catch, and wire organization trim plates. Also, both variants are strengthened with a dorsally located table-top reinforcement bar, so while both models appear lithe and flimsy, they’re incredibly sturdy.

The legs can also be fitted with a convenient drinking cup and headphone holder. So those who are engaging in an extended gaming session can grab some quick refreshment without risking a puddle of condensation on their desktop. While most gamers will likely be unable to fit their entire library of games on this desk they will be able to store ten games.


Customizable Features

With respect to the controller hooks, drink holder, and other detachable accessories the specific setup of this disk is at the whim of the owner. With this neat open frame design, everything is easy access. Finally, with a low price point, this is a desk that nearly anyone can afford.

While this model sports numerous features and features a fairly wide desktop, this is another low-weight model. Further, the assembly of this product should be simple and quick so long as you can understand simple instructions and should take less than an hour.





Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk, Black
1046 Reviews
Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk, Black
  • Contemporary black glossy powder coat frame
  • Clear tempered safety glass with stylish black border
  • Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse
  • Reinforced plates on all welding joints for maximum strength and durability


  • Solid construction and stable design
  • Switchable keyboard and shelf setup is left-hand friendly
  • Damage resistant packaging


  • Difficult to move or dismantle
  • May be damaged if screws are too tightly screwed


Combining elegant design simplicity with an impressive surface area, the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is a great multi-surface gaming platform which can handle the needs of nearly any PC gamer. These factors make this model unquestionably one the best desk for PC gaming.


Hardy But Broad Design

The primary model, the Belaire L-Desk variant, is an L-shaped desk type with Z-line’s signature metal ‘Z’ frame design which uses a black powder coat finish. This version of the desk uses a clear safety glass. The similar Feliz L Desk frame has many of the same features but features reinforced plates on every welded joint providing additional frame strength and product endurance and incorporates a partially translucent form of darkened safety glass.

The most prominent feature of this desk is its sheer size, making it great for gamers who use dual or tri monitors. In addition to dual sixty by thirty-seven-inch desktop, this model sports a pullout keyboard shelf and an above desktop shelf which would be great to house game cases or gaming accessories. Although considered to be an L-desk, this models two desktops are equal in size, so this model can hold more accessories than competitors at a lower price than models of the same size. On this note, while this desk is moderately sized, we’ve found that it’s often on sale at a premium price.


Sturdy Shipping Materials

All of the model’s individual units are shipped in secure styrofoam packaging which is ensconced in plastic band wrapped protective layers of cardboard. This type of extensive packaging is fortuitous, as the internal contents are unlikely to be damaged during shipping and delivery, even with rough handling. Plus, the consumer is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so worries over receiving battered goods.

Once purchased there is minor home assembly required, however, product construction is very easy. While the desk features few additional accessories, it can be customized to a degree. To be specific, since the frame has mirror insertion holes on either side, so those who are left-handed the keyboard and above desktop shelf can be swapped to either side the desk.


The Final Word

In all honesty, we’ve found it difficult to determine any negative qualities with this product given its relatively low price, hardy construction, and generous dimensions. Obviously, this desk isn’t ideal for gamers with a limited living area, and this model functions best only when planted in a spacious corner. While it is light weight being just under one hundred pounds, this desk is unwieldy to move once assembled. Also, the glass is treated, but we recommend you not exceed the manufacturer’s weight tolerance specification.




Best Gaming Corner Desk: Bantam Hampton Wood Home Office Computer Desk


  • A large amount of arm room makes this desk great for general office work or gaming
  • The manufactured wood materials and the desk design make this item incredibly durable
  • The color schemes are quite versatile for most rooms


  • Simplistic instructions some may be challenging for some
  • Given its large size and multiple parts, construction time will be relatively extensive
  • This model is one of the most high-weight desks on this list which may be a challenge for some consumers


The Bantam Hampton Wood Home Office Computer Desk is definitely one of the most versatile models on the market and functions great as a general home office desk or more specifically for gaming purposes.


What’s So Great About It?

Being one of the larger PC gaming desks on this list, this item is fantastic for those who’re committed to the PC gaming lifestyle. Granted this item is a bit on the pricey side but nonetheless a sound investment for the dedicated PC gamer, especially those who play in a large space and need a corner desk gaming setup.


What Are Its Dimensions?

This item is an L-desk model which is ideal for those who have a penchant for large corner desks. Its large dimensions provide ample arm room as well as additional space for table lamps, organizers, and other electronic or office miscellany. At the center of the desk sits a large elevated platform which can fit a single large monitor or even three moderately-sized monitors. Along with the table room, this desk has a left side storage drawer which is an ideal space for spare batteries, PC compatible controllers, and all the rest of your spare gaming accessories.


How Does It Look?

The Hampton Wood Home desk comes in two color schemes: black and brown or sand and granite. Both look good, but we find that the latter color scheme is aesthetically more pleasing. None the less, given these two pleasing color schemes, they should match most room visual ensembles.

In both cases, this item is constructed out of dyed manufactured wood. For those who may not know manufactured wood not only incorporates recycled wood shavings which would otherwise be wasted. Further, this type of material is designed and tested for strength to comply with international furniture standards. Thus, unlike (real) wooden-made materials this desk isn’t going to be as prone to structural inconsistencies.


Is The Assembly Difficult?

So long as you follow the instructions, construction is a relatively straight forward process. There are, however, a lot of parts so set aside at least an hour or two to put this item together. To expedite the process, we recommend reading through the construction directions first. Then insert all connector screws, feet, and various fasteners in their respective panels separately and combine individual sections. However, like a growing number of construct-it-yourself products, the manual is series of text-less pictographic sequences; so non-visual learners beware.


How’s the Construction Process?

One issue some consumers may have with this product is the weight. It’s, well…beastly. At one hundred and seventy-five pounds, even before construction, this desk will be difficult to move up stairs or over extended distances. Consequently, we advise you get one if not two or three other people to maneuver this desk in its packaging and placing it in the spot it’s to be used before building it. Despite that, we thought it was easily one of the best corner desks for gaming.




E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table (Small(EGT523))
12 Reviews
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table (Small(EGT523))
  • World's 1st Glowing Desk for Gamers.
  • Control Glowing Effect & Speed with Wireless remote.
  • Designed with Best Suitable Height & Width for Long Gaming Hours.
  • Powered by a ERGO Extended Desktop & Durable I-Shaped Feet Bar.
  • Satin Finished Surface for Faster optical sensor reflections.


  • Fun gamer-oriented shape
  • Rather lightweight & easy to move
  • Neat built-in lighting
  • Relatively inexpensive for a specialty model


  • The printed decals are gimmicky
  • Materials are cheap & unstable
  • Some units may be missing construction parts


In the world of gamer desks, the E-Blue Gaming Desk is by far one of the most visually striking and specialized models out on the net.


A Desk That Lasts

Unlike other desks, this model comes in three sizes which present’s the consumer with a few different options to select a size which is perfectly suited to the buyer’s body size and chair-type. Further, this product has been designed specifically for gamers since the height & width is optimized for exceptionally long gaming sessions. The design also incorporates a resilient I-shaped foot bar and an extended desktop powered by ERGO, so consumers are less likely to be subject to gamer fatigue.


A Desk Which Is Specialized

Obviously, this model differentiates itself from other office desks with a unique design which had gamers exclusively in mind. In fact, from a purely aesthetic perspective, we consider this design to be one of the best computer gaming desks.

The angled edges and color scheme is incredibly chic and reminiscent of some kind of spacecraft and also pairs exceptionally well with a number of gaming chairs such as the Vertagear S-Line and some of the other best gamer chairs of 2017. The edges and corners are manufactured with a protective finish, so desk-wall abrasion is likely to be minimized.


This Model Isn’t Difficult to Put Together

The table material is composed of a medium density fiberboard which is both comfortable and durable. Fortunately, this composite makes this desk comparably lightweight and easy to move even after the desk has been constructed.

Unfortunately, the fiberboard used is still somewhat fragile relative to other desks and may be susceptible to strain and wear. Consequently, this desk is not ideal for those who have a tendency to slap or slam their arms while playing – in other words, those prone to gamer rage may want to consider another model. On the upside, this also means that the construction time is rather short.


Sweet Special Features

The E-Blue Gaming Desk’s manufacture, E-Blue USA, bills this item as the first glowing desk due to its built-in lighting which runs the desktop’s edge. The integrated lighting can be toggled on and off, adjusted to three brightness levels, and has six changeable breathing rates via a small slide switch located on the upper left desk side. Finally, the lighting coloration can be changed between blue and red.

The satin finished surface adds an appealing sheen, and the black colored base has science fiction decal printed on top. This may be an attractive design feature to some consumers, particularly adolescents, but others may consider the addition of these emblems to be kitsch or juvenile.


Fair Manufacturer Customer Support

One thing we’ve noted about this particular model is that the manufacturer may not always include all of the needed parts – including the construction manual. Fortunately, E-Blue USA has a fantastic customer support staff and will respond to customer email complaints within the day they’ve been sent and work to correct any package deficiencies or missing parts.




DXRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk

DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition gaming desktop office desk computer desks pc desk gaming table Ergonomic Comfortable Desk (Black/Green)
31 Reviews
DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition gaming desktop office desk computer desks pc desk gaming table Ergonomic Comfortable Desk (Black/Green)
  • Double Triangle Design, Strong and Durable
  • High Quality ABS+Wooden Desk Board+Steel Rod Frame
  • 10 Degree Slope
  • Massive Wire Management
  • 360 Degree Rotatable, Easy to Move


  • Expansive desktop space
  • Quality ergonomic design
  • Fairly affordable


  • Uncomfortable edges
  • Hard to assemble


Keeping with the quality combination of other DXRacer products, the DXRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk nicely blends comfort and a striking, stylish design making it one of the best PC gaming desks within the gaming desk sub-market.


Excellent Dimensions

At over forty-seven inches long by thirty-one and a half inches in width, this model has one of the largest surface areas for a none L-desk model. Given the fact that this model incorporates a strong triangular leg frame the desk is quite durable and sturdy, and so should last for many years to come. With a large desktop size and material composition, this model can bear one, two, or even three standard sized stand alone monitors. Plus, this open desktop design combined with four large openings wire management very simple. However, we’ve found it difficult to balance a dual or tri monitor stand.

The majority of the design is fairly ergonomic as the desktop is constructed with a ten-degree slope which makes resting your arms comfortable, at least initially. Unfortunately, the ergonomic design has not been perfected as the plastic which coats the edge may over a long time cutoff wrist circulation.


The Racer’s Aesthetics

The DXRacer is available in four color schemes: solid black as well as green, red, and white accents which combine with a black base. These versatile color schemes will match most room aesthetics, including the typical white or dark-shaded gamer cave. As a bonus, this model pairs very nicely with other DXRacer products, such as the Newedge Edition gaming chair.


The DXRacer’s Composition

This desk has a mixed composition of a steel frame with plastic accouterments, supports, and accents. However, the desktop is composed of fairly cheap press board wood, and so it may smudge easily. At seventy pounds and widely spaced feet, this desk will be so well grounded you won’t have to worry about this item jostling around while in the middle of a hardcore gaming session. Further, this model’s trapezoid feet aren’t likely to damage your floors, be they tile, hardwood or linoleum.


Cost & Shipping

Each of the desks constituent parts come shipped with each piece individually secured, so your desk’s parts aren’t likely to be damaged during delivery. However, despite its somewhat simplistic design this model isn’t as easy to snap together compared to competitors and will require at least two people to construct. As a nice bonus, compared to other models, though, this desk is on the middle-lower price end. Combine this with the sturdy frame, quality materials the RXRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk is definitely a deluxe, yet affordable desk model.




Cabot L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

No products found.


  • Large amount of desktop area
  • Exemplary storage space
  • Classy desk color scheme
  • Very fair one-year warranty
  • Extremely affordable given its size and design


  • The traditional structural design may be unappealing to some gamers
  • There are no spare construction parts
  • Construction will take a long time
  • Hard to assemble


Although a bit unorthodox with respect to design relative to other models on this list, the Cabot L-Shaped Desk is definitely worth a look for anyone who’s searching the market for one of the best computer desks for gaming.


Appearance Is Everything

With respect to certain aspects of external appearance and function, this model is fairly similar to other l-shaped desks and shares other design elements seen in specialty gaming desks. The desktop has an expansive durable desktop surface and can easily hold multiple monitors. And there’s also an integrated 4-port USB hub which allows for easy wired device connectivity. The similarities to other gaming desks, though, end there.


This Cabot Is Classy

Unlike other gaming desks, this model has a bit more of a traditional aesthetic. By that we mean, the Cabot L-desk uses traditional, rustic color options which come in three variants: espresso oak, harvest cherry, heather gray. Further, the design incorporates a concealed storage cabinet system. The storage system uses box drawers with storage “cubby” shelf design which works great for general office equipment or accessories specific to gaming.

Interestingly, unlike most other desks this model uses an elegant fluted glass door. While we’ve found that general consumers enjoy this design feature, some gamers may be put off by this particular look. Overall, though, this desk lacks few specific weaknesses, save, perhaps, for its visual appearance. That, of course, is simply a case of individual taste.


Cost & Construction

Despite this units sizes it’s one of the most affordable models we’ve listed, costing even less than the E-Blue USA Gaming Desk. That isn’t to say that this model should be considered “cheap.” In fact, the manufacturer, Bush Furniture, includes an extensive one-year warranty.

Be careful not to waste any of your construction pieces, though, as this model doesn’t include any spares. However, ordering new ones through the manufacturer online should be an easy process. Further, Bush Furniture will even replace or provide new desk parts if your particular unit has missing or damaged component items. Weighing in at one hundred and forty-eight pounds, this desk is one of the heaviest on our list. So once you’ve set it up, be sure that the spot you’ve assembled this desk is where you want it.

This unit is fairly easy to assemble, but it will take somewhere in the neighborhood of three hours due to the unit’s size and the sheer number of parts required for construction; less so if you’re a handy person or are working with other people. All construction items are included, but you will need to use your own hand screwdriver or a powered screwdriver if you’re feeling brave. Just be sure not to over tighten screws as you risk stripping the screws or splitting the units fiberboard panels.




Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray
388 Reviews
Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray
  • Contemporary Design
  • Clear Tempered Glass Surface
  • Black Sliding Keyboard Tray: 23.5''W x 11.75''D
  • Crisscross Cherry Finished Leg Design
  • Black Powder Coated Frame Finish


  • Durable frame and glass top
  • Affordable for nearly anyone
  • Lightweight and easy to move frame


  • Limited color options
  • Despite its size, this model is difficult to assemble
  • Product defects may be present in individual units


For the gamer on a budget or someone who plays in a small space, Flash Furniture brings you the Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Tray!


Little Desk With Great Value

This desk is the smallest model we’ll review and ideal for those who have to game within a small office or limited gaming space. The design leans towards structural minimalism but incorporates a sturdy cross frame design which assures structural stability. This means that standard computer equipment can be held without the glass desktop cracking or the desk itself wobbling while being touched.

Even though the desktop space and frame is fairly small, this model is still robust enough to be able to handle a single large or a pair of moderately sized monitors. The keyboard tray isn’t that wide and when pulled out does not extend terribly far, being only about six inches. Consequently, those with larger hands may find maneuvering their mouse and keyboard to be a challenge. This also means that specialty gaming keyboard, like the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7, certain ergonomic, and larger multi-purpose models won’t fit well.


Cherry-based Composition

Since this model is composed of tempered glass and polished wood along with some stainless steel, it’s fairly sturdy and should last a long time. The color schemes are, however, very limited. You’ve only got the option of cherry and a crisscross cherry pattern. Given the fact that the majority of the wood body has a black powder coating, painting or otherwise heavily modifying this model is out of the question.

As one may guess based on its dimensions, this is easily the least expensive desk on our list. And given its size, this model can be constructed by a single person.


Laborious Assembly

Sadly, the assembly required is one of the most onerous on out list. First, the construction manual has no text instructions at all. All you’ve got is a series of IKEA-style, vague illustration and your wits. So, for those with limited spatial reasoning, good luck. Second, even if you can decipher the instructions, the construction process can be far too long. In fact, the assembly time is on par with some of the larger L-shaped desks.

Finally, with particular individual units, the glass desktop may not line up properly with the frame, making the desk off balance. So keeping your receipt in the event that you want your desk exchanged for a non-defective model is strongly advised.

Fortunately, at only thirty-nine pounds, this mode is the most lightweight model on this list. So, once you’ve gone through the excruciating steps of constructing this desk, you’ll find that it is easy to move around. In summary, the Glass Computer Desk by Flash Furniture is a worthy investment for those who want a decent amount of quality but save a substantial amount of money and space.




So, what precisely are traits that make the best gaming desk?


1. Size (Sometimes it Matters)

The first factor that will use to determine a good gaming desk is dimensions, particularly its desktop surface area. Along with that, how stable is the desktop and how many monitors can it hold. Further, does a particular model have sufficient room for the player to move his/her arms or hold a specialty gaming keyboard and mouse?

A great gaming desk needs to be stable so as to not shake about when the owner is in the middle of a white-knuckle raid or hair-raising boss battle.


2. Materials

Another factor to consider on this point is the materials the desk is composed of. Contemporary specialized gaming desks are made of numerous materials including myriad wood variants, plastic, steel, and so on, but should be comprised of durable materials which aren’t going to crack or crumble after only a few years of use.

After all, who wants their costly multi-monitor setup and custom PC to be dinged (or worse, become so badly damaged as to be rendered inoperable!) when their desk collapses due to shoddy design.


3. Aesthetic

While a bit less important compared to structural concerns, color and general design should be something to consider; especially, since some gamers have themed offices or gaming spaces with a specific aesthetic.

Since desks, like most other forms of furniture, are shipped directly to the home and must be assembled, construction time is another important factor to consider. Clearly, something the size of a desk will require some time to build but should be, at the most, under three hours or about an hour.


4. Cost

The final factor which we’ll look at is the price, or more generally, how affordable a desk is. (Granted there are additional specific factors that may need to be considered but they’re peripheral to the primary five, so more on them later.)


Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Gaming Desk

Obviously, choosing the right gaming desk is going to be specific to your particular needs and with so many products out there making a specific choice can be overwhelming.

Beyond the basic factors we’ve already outlined, there are additional variables you’ll need to consider before purchasing your new desk. For example, those who are newbs (read: beginners) in the PC gamer world then you should give weight to the smaller models, under $400.

If that’s the market you are in, then Flash Furniture’s Class Computer Desk is definitely the type of model you should consider. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more colorful and flashy but similar with respect to cost, size, and weight than the E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk would be a better selection.

Another specific factor that the individual consumer should consider is the size of the gaming space the desk will be placed. If you are lucky enough to have a large gaming space, then a corner desk would be ideal, like the Cabot L-Shaped Desk would be suited for you.

As previously stated color is a minor factor but still worth considering. That said, everything goes with black. If you have a penchant for dark colors, as we also do, then the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk or black variant of the DXRAcer Ergonomic Gaming Desk should be given higher consideration.

In the event that you’ve read this article in its entirety, you may have noticed that we are a big fan of the Atlantic Gaming Desk. The reason being its design, features, and cost are excellent for the PC Gamer.

Still, as with beauty the best gaming computer desk is going be in the eye (and spare room) of the purchaser.

In supposition, we believe that the Atlantic Gaming Desk fulfills every one of the most basic needs of a PC gamer brilliantly without breaking your PayPal account. The metal frame is simultaneously stout and strong while still being moderately lightweight. Thus, this desk won’t scratch your wooden floor or tear up your carpet after enduring months of minor bumps and shifts, let alone become worn and collapse.

Where this desk excels, though, are the clever accessories such as the wire organizer, drink bearer, as well as the power strip holder, speaker and controller holders. While other L-desk variants are larger, this desk model has sufficient space, and, unlike L-shaped models, can be placed in any configuration with a room. Simply put, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is the best specialty gaming desk on the market.

So what do you think? Is the Atlantic Gaming Desk your dream gaming davenport, or are we just out to lunch? Let us know in the comments below.