Agents of Mayhem catches a ride in style with new trailer


Volition released a new trailer on Agents of Mayhem today on their YouTube channel showing off more of the action that gamers will see later this year. The super-serious, never joking game from the developers of the Saints Row franchise gave a look into just how the player will be getting around in the open world game – just be sure not to double park.

The trailer shows off a number of different cars, trucks, and three-wheelers (and possibly a satellite we can control? Please let me control the satellite!). You’ll see that the vehicles have boosts, which means that you can expect to see plenty of ramps within the world to get some high-flying action.

The trailer is not solely focused on vehicles, however, as we also get to see some new characters and weapons. The one guy that reminds me of Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy blows up some cars with a freeze ray. There is a woman shredding through the opposition with a mini-gun, and a ninja-lady standing atop of a rooftop being very ninja-like.

Within a quick collage of jumps and explosions, there is a giant robot (because you knew in the back of your head that there would be a giant robot) in this game. The game feels like it is trying to nail down the old television show vibe with the closing, “Next time on Agents of Mayhem“, where a woman blows us a kiss and rides off (a possible hint at a new playable character in the next trailer?).

Of course with any AAA game coming out in the 2010’s, there is going to be a pre-order bonus with the game. And we get to see the first glimpse of this with the Cosplay Skins DLC. This lets the characters suit up as “super heroes”. We see Hollywood as “Iron Man” and the mini-gun lady as “Captain America”, among four others with outfits.

Agents of Mayhem is set to release August 18, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.