Battlefield 1 May update launches now, fixes AA and Bayonets


It’s that time of the month for EA DICE. And no, I don’t mean the full moon (what did YOU think I meant?): it’s time another update for the juggernaut shooter Battlefield 1 came soaring from DICE headquarters to Earth, bringing with it a host of bug fixes, gameplay changes, and minor features. Of course, I’ll drop a link to full patch notes at the end, but for now, let’s cherry-pick the good bits, shall we?

This update is particularly concerned with reducing the efficacy of certain painfully annoying elements of the Battlefield 1 experience. Bayonet charging is the first to be effected – the turning speed whilst charging has been decreased, and any health benefits completely removed. No more charging blindly around a corner. In other news, Anti-Aircraft emplacements have been altered significantly, in an effort to counter powerful fighter planes; when firing upward, expect to see improved accuracy and range, but if you’re the sort of person who uses AA guns to kill infantry, I’m afraid your reign of terror has come to an end. AA effectiveness when fired at grounded targets has been significantly decreased.

Anti-Aircraft guns – and other stationary weapons, such as the field gun – are now essentially indestructible, and though you can lower their health to the point of immobility they can be repaired with the repair tool. I hope that this will be a bit of a buff against the frankly terrifying vehicular slaughter to which Battlefield 1 is prone.

On the subject of vehicles, DICE have made some minor changes across the board. All tanks now have the same repair time, making them all equally vulnerable whilst doing so; field guns now do increased damage against tanks, moreover, making this an awful update for any tank players out there.

A rear view camera has been constructed for all planes, for pilots who need to see where they’ve been as well as where they’re going. Dogfighter and Airship Buster attack planes have received improvements in the form of a reduced cool-down time on the speed boost perk, whilst lesser-used variants of all planes have received a host of similar improvements to keep them relevant (see the full list for details).

On the game mode front, Battlefield 1‘s exclusive mode, Operations, is undergoing a series of changes that aim to introduce a playlist feature like the other modes on offer. At the moment, it’s in early stages, inasmuch as the Operation that you choose will loop on repeat until you get bored – the plan is to roll through each Operation in turn, which would eliminate the slightly annoying need to return to the main menu at the end of each game.

The number of tickets allotted to each team in a game of Domination has been increased from 100 to 200; in Conquest, capturing objectives now awards less points, but teams holding 3 objectives will receive capture bonuses. Oh, and the Battlefield 1 main menu now has an option to join any Operation, eliminating any need to pick one that you’ve not played in a while.

Other notable additions include an exhaustive overhaul of vehicle damage stats and weapon efficacy, and the option for players using controllers to map custom control inputs. Premium friends is also sticking around for a while longer, up until EA PLAY in June.

For a complete and comprehensive list of changes made to the game, check out the Battlefield 1 web page here. In other news, the next DLC for Battlefield 1 is arriving later this summer, and for the impatient players out there, you can expect two new night maps – Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure – to drop between now and In the Name of the Tsar.