Sorgina: A Tale of Witches casts its spell on Steam


Mythology is a subject that has been discussed via various games and genres over the years. Each time it seems to be the most commonly known pantheons that are used. You know, Greek, Roman, Egyptian etc? Well Binary Soul are busy trying to change the trend with a little trip into Basque mythology in their debut release Sorgina: A Tale of Witches which was released today on Steam.

The finalist to the best Basque videogame award has been launched for PC and features improvements to the game after a successful Greenlight campaign. The version is also international featuring several languages including English, Spanish and of course Basque. If you buy the title in the first week of launch you can also expect a 15% discount as thanks from Binary Soul for all of the support that they’ve received thus far.

So what can you expect from this puzzling adventure? Well this title which is aimed at a younger audience will see players taking the role of a young apprentice witch as she faces a journey through mythological lands inspired by real landmarks of the Basque country. Using her magical powers you will solve puzzles as she attempts to save her sisters from the evil Gaueko, ultimately dispelling darkness and bringing peace back to their kingdom. As this is a game inspired by Basque myths and legends you can also expect to meet a series of characters from the country’s folklore along the way.

Players will meet the challenge by combining spells to complete an increasingly difficult array of puzzles which have been designed specifically to test the mettle of young minds.

As this game is aimed at kids it focuses on teaching them the folklore and mythos of a country they may never have heard of in a fun and entertaining manner. The puzzles, (and game in general,) are family friendly. The journey is painted out in vibrant cartoon style and the game also features thirty unlockable achievements for burgeoning completionists. While we’re on the subject of collections, Sorgina will also support Steam trading cards for players who like that little something extra.

Basque mythology is an unknown for many of us, even those of us interested in the field of folklore. This is a subject that could well be as interesting for parents playing with their children as for the kids themselves. For those of you looking for something unusual and educational for your youngsters this could be a definite point of interest.