Monster Hunter XX coming to Switch


If you’re a big Monster Hunter fan, you should be excited. You should be REALLY excited if you have a Nintendo Switch because Capcom has announced Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo’s console. The game was first announced on Twitter. Here’s a translation of that tweet:

It is a flash report! “Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Ver.” Will be released! You can enjoy it with Nintendo Switch, the biggest hunting monster series!

You can see the original Japanese tweet here. In other news, a trailer for the game has been released. The game was originally a 3DS game but they are re-releasing it for the Switch.

It is said that the port looks like a crisper version of its predecessor seen here. From what I can see, it looks as if this game is going to be just as fun as the first version! With this version, it is hoped that the Switch will be used to enhance the game with its UI capabilities. Graphics are expected to look similar, but the game should run better and much smoother on the Switch.

There’s even more good news: Capcom says that players will be able to swap their save data between the two versions of the game. That’s something I love to hear- being able to keep my saves so I don’t have to start over again is a blessing.

Monster Hunter XX is an expansion of the original Monster Hunter Generations that is up for release in Japan. The Nintendo Switch version of this game will be released in Japan on August 25, 2017. No word on when it will come to North America, but if you want to grab it before then, there are no region locks on Switch games. Brush up on your Japanese if you’ve been learning it and want to play this one! There is speculation that there will be more information about this game closer to E3.