Sega unveils a new track from the Sonic Forces soundtrack


Whether it’s the instantly memorable Green Hill Zone jingle or the harsh riffs of Sonic 06’s “His World”, the Sonic franchise is no stranger to iconic music. In the latest update on Sonic Team’s upcoming game, Sonic Forces, we are treated to a sample of some all-new background music. This track is for the Park Avenue stage during one of the Custom Hero Character segments.

The new Park Avenue track feels like a spiritual mesh of classic Sonic jingles and questionable modern Sonic vocals. I actually really enjoy the simple melodies and instrumentals. They provide a nostalgic feel that still feels modern; like a classic Sega Genesis track that was reworked with modern tech.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the vocals on this track. It feels that in Sonic original music, vocals always come off stiff and awkward. The only apt description of Sonic OST vocals would be “a 12 year old would think this is really cool”. There’s no shame in that, some people can still jam along with the hedgehog. Admittedly, I rocked out to Sonic Adventure’s “Live & Learn” when I was a kid, but I look back on that period of my life and can’t help but feel myself cringe. It’s the same feeling that a lot of older fans go through looking back. It’s the moment you realize all along that Sonic has always been kind of a huge dork.

Regardless of my thoughts about the tunes, this particular track feels like Sonic Team is fusing together the aesthetic of classic and modern Sonic. This is a good direction to go, keeping the classic games close to heart. Especially in Sonic Forces where the formula is shaking up enough to allow the fan-made original characters to assume control.

Sonic Forces created character

“Nothin’ Personal, Kid”

You can look out for Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and PC this Holiday season.