Monster Hunter: World set for 2018


Now here’s a interesting little bit of news … The excellence of the Monster Hunter franchise is lauded by gamers everywhere that absolutely have to cut something big and toothy into small manageable chunks so they can make weapons and armour. It’s also a franchise that I always wanted to sink my own teeth into but never had the right console at the time. This is about to change with Monster Hunter: World.

At an E3 press conference Capcom announced that the latest installment in their critically acclaimed action RPG would bridge the regional gap for the first time via a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system. This will unify players in Japan with those in the West, allowing them to play alone or together in groups of up to three hunters. The game is said to feature a living, breathing ecosystem that will see players completing quests while hunting and slaying ferocious beasts across a variety of vast, ever-changing, types of terrain.

Monster Hunter: World will also be the first game in the series to have a simultaneous worldwide launch window. It’s planned for release on the PS4 and Xbox One early next year. The PC launch is set for some point after this.

So, what exactly can we expect from the game? Well it seems to be a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Players can expect more of the series’ skill based progression and robust crafting system. Hunting and killing the many creatures roaming the game world is not only how you level yourself but how you improve your gear. If you want better stuff you’re going to need to hunt for it. The best crafting ingredients come from your prey.

In addition to this, the world you are traversing not only offers different eco-systems inhabited by a variety of creatures but also encourages you to use your environment to your advantage while hunting. A sharp blade on its own won’t win the day. Strategy and cunning will be just as important to your survival. The world around you will pose just as many of its own problems as it will help you on your quest.

As a final point we’re hearing whispers that there will be exclusive content for PS4 users. There aren’t any details as of yet but we’ll be sure to let you know more as we find out.

It’s great to see the bridging of what can be a bit of a divide between East and West when it comes to gaming. It’s even better to see a much loved franchise being made available to a wider audience. This is definitely one to watch. We will no doubt be back with more info soon.