Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni erupts on Steam


There are certain things in gaming that define the East and West. This difference is often most notable in the way the RPG genre is dealt with. West tends to go for big open-world epics, East gives us all the JRPG has to offer. Both are brilliant. Another notable difference is the way concepts are dealt with. I think us Westerners are generally a bit more reserved when it comes to ideas. In places like Japan it’s more of a case where an idea can be as mad as a box of frogs but anything goes and you know they’re going to pull it off in style. This brings me to Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni.

So let’s give you a bit of an idea of the plot. The story centres around the A-Virus which infects young women, transforming them into weapons called “Extars” or their controllers better known as “Liberators.” The Valkyries are infected with a unique strain of this called the VR- Virus which allows them to take either of the two roles at will. They are sent to Bhikkhuni Island as a means of quarantine where a cure for the virus can also be attempted.

By battling one another, the Valkyries can attain greater control of their bodies and, therefore, the virus. This is where you come in. You take control of one of seven playable characters, each with their own play styles. From here you can take on a 24 mission single player story campaign or go head to head in multiplayer arena combat allowing for up to four players at a time.

Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni hit Steam in two formats: namely the Standard Edition and the Combined Edition, which comes bundled with all the game’s DLC. Incidentally, the DLC can also be purchased separately as the Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni Complete DLC Pack. Those of you who purchase this title through launch week will be given a 10% discount on the game price. In addition to this you can get a further 25% off the Combined Edition if you happen to already own a copy of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Marvelous Europe’s other Steam release.) A potential 35% discount really isn’t something to be sniffed at.

In terms of a slightly wacky anime throw down this game actually looks pretty interesting. Brawler fans may well want to get in early to get their discounts. At the end of the day who doesn’t love a good fist fight?