New trailer for The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk


The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk is a forthcoming point-and-click adventure game from Kalypso Media Group, Headup Games, and German-based indie developer Studio Fizbin. Their newest trailer reveals more of the game’s story as well as a wide range of locations in the game world of Asposia.

You play as the Asposian heroes Robert and Laura as well as their pet pigeon Peck. Robert is the heir of the flute-nose dynasty, the secret guardians of Asposia who create life and light with the magic of their musical noses. Robert has been petrified in stone for the last three years while his family has been discovered and hunted down by a would-be tyrannical dictator, Emil. Laura has been rebelling against the capture of the flute-noses while Robert has been out of commission. Together, they embark on a quest to find the last wind monk under the Yoda-esque guidance of the mysterious Mama Dola.

The art of The Inner World is intriguing; although the faux-naive style has become incredibly popular in the last decade or so (e.g. Adventure Time and Misadventures of Flapjack), Studio Fizbin keeps it fresh with beautifully detailed environments, unique character designs, and funky takes on perspective. Although it feels somehow nostalgically familiar, the game really does have a unique look. Much of the gameplay will feature the exploration of the world of Asposia, and the trailer indicates that this will be a pleasant and engaging aspect of The Inner World.

The game seems to have a good sense of humor about itself, with lighthearted dialogue and slapstick gags aplenty. Players should expect a lot of traditional adventure game puzzles, according to the most recent press release:

Challenge Uncle Oboe to a game of Knock-Knock and win some much needed prison toilet paper, cause trouble in the tumble mouse shearing factory, help a desperate Bingo Pony become happy once again, bring an adorable baby gorf back home, and save Asposia! Again!

But the flute-nose element of the story also impacts the gameplay. During the journey to find the last wind monk, Robert will “Learn new songs on [his] magic flute nose, to activate ancient artifacts and invoke the wind”, adding an Ocarina of Time-style music element to the puzzle-solving.

In a crowded shop full of odds and ends, Robert prepares to throw a dart at a dartboard across the room

Those intrigued by this latest trailer don’t have long to wait; The Inner World is slated to release this September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Find out more on the game’s website, their Facebook page, or the Studio Fizbin projects page.