Dead by Daylight – A Lullaby for the Dark released


Dead by Daylight was released on PC last June to largely positive reviews and high sales. The game pits multiple players in survivor roles (third person perspective) against one player acting as a killer (first person perspective). Lauded for its largely unique contribution to the horror game genre, it eschews jumpscares for mounting tension and creative takes on classic horror tropes. Each survivor and killer character has their own advantages and disadvantages, which can be made more or less effective depending on the map chosen.

Following its release to console earlier this year, developer Starbreeze Studios has released a free-to-download new “chapter”, Lullaby for the Dark, which features a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map.

Although this is the fifth chapter to be released following the original game, the new killer, The Huntress, is particularly notable for being the first of the killers with a ranged attack. It is also hinted that she may have an advantage on the new map, called “Mother’s Dwelling”, which is her home deep in the forest. She also has an ability called “Huntress Lullaby” which makes skill checks more difficult for the survivors and grows in power as more of the survivors are sacrificed. The new survivor, a former rugby player from Manchester, also has some interesting abilities focused on resilience to injuries and gaining bonuses for protecting other survivors.

While the “Mature Gamer take on the thrills of hide and seek” aspect and fairly consistent offerings of new content have kept player interest high over the past year, it would be a mistake to skip over the backstory and bios that the game’s creators have put so much effort into. Most of this lore is found not necessarily in the game, but can be read on the game site here.

Lullaby for the Dark is now available for PC for free via Steam and other digital distribution channels. Learn more at or check out the game on Steam here.