Samurai Riot hits Steam this September


We love a bit of violence. There’s something in the genetic code of many gamers that just begs for a bit of bloodshed. Well, for those of you just aching to knock the snot out of something there’s a new contender for the 2017 Beat’em up crown. French indie developer Wako Factory is pleased to announce the appearance of Samurai Riot on Steam this September and we’ve got a bit of info on this 2D brawler just for you.

Samurai Riot isn’t going to be just your average fighter. In this game the decisions you make in your quest to bring peace to a warring land will actually mean something. Each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/Sukane will have an influence on your destiny. You will have an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal but the goal of making it through each battle alive will require skill and forethought over simple brute strength.

The main inspiration in the creation of Samurai Riot is really simple – we always loved to play cooperative games, especially arcade style – with each other. We felt that there are not enough local cooperative games to play, so decided to develop our own Beat’em up, that focuses on the co-op experience,” said Kevin Buchet, game designer at Wako Factory. “We are also big fans of Japanese history and we have spent a lot of time on the backstory of the game, where you have to make the decision on what you would sacrifice in order to preserve your honor as a samurai and feel that our game seamlessly mixes traditional Japanese elements and mythology, in a fresh and modern take on the classic genre.

We can expect a game that offers a plethora of choices both in single and cooperative play. In co-op mode the story has been written to involve both players equally with a multi-branching plot line. Samurai Riot also features eight different endings so this title should be hugely re-playable. If you don’t want to play with a friend PVP has also been catered for. Here you will earn points which will allow you to unlock fighting schools, further adding to the replay value of the game.

Having a choice between 14 different fighting schools, all of which will alter the way your character behaves will add a lot for players that like to become skilled at everything. The fact that the co-op system also allows for devastating combined attacks adds even more variation to the mix.

This would appear to be a game that has a lot going for it. Pardon the pun but this 2D arcade fighter would appear to be anything but 2D in so many other ways. Far too many other Beat’em ups have you repeating the same story over and over will relatively little new being seen on each playthrough. It’s nice to see a game in the genre going out of its way to be different. We’ll be able to see just how much depth is on offer next month. If you like a good brawl this is definitely one worth keeping an eye on.