Shephy rams its way to Steam


Okay, what are the first two things that jump into your head when I mention solitaire? Cards and sheep, right? No? Well, in this particular case those are the two things that are going to be in the mix. That busy bunch over at Arc System Works have just announced the release of Shephy on Steam.

Some of you mobile users and Switch owners may have already come across this solitaire style card game. In Shephy your aim is actually relatively simple. All you need to do is increase your sheep count to 1000. You need to achieve this goal using combinations of the events found on the cards before you empty your deck three times.

For beginners Shephy features both tutorial and practice modes. This will let you get a good feel of what you’re doing before moving onto anything more challenging. When you’re nice and comfy with the controls you’ll move to Challenge Mode. Here you will be looking to attain the aforementioned goal of 1000 sheep. There isn’t actually a limit to the number of sheep you can collect so there’s plenty of scope for high score enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a slightly different take on the game, Shephy has a story mode. In the game’s Post Love mode special sets of rules may apply to go hand in hand with each part of this title’s story line.

If you like card games and … well … sheep, Shephy may well be something for you to try. It’s waiting for you on the Steam sStore if you find yourself wanting to get involved. As a little side note I’m rather impressed that I managed to get through this entire article without the need for any bad puns. After all, padding it out with sheep jokes would have made the entire thing far too wooley. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Pop over to Steam and have a look for yourselves.