Question of the Month – August 2017


Summer is coming ever closer to an end and everyone still in school is about to go back to class. Summertime in the gaming industry is usually pretty stale. Each year there might be one or two big releases everyone gets excited for during the hottest months of the year, but usually it leaves us just biding our time until the explosion of game releases later in the year. That makes summer the best time of year to take a look back at games and series you never finished or maybe never even touched at all thanks to life. That is why this month’s question for TVGB is…

What game or series in your backlog do you wish to go back to the most?

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Chrissy Hoff, Author

The Dragon Age series. I followed the development a hype of each game, own two of them, and still haven’t played any! They’re at the top of my “rainy day” list.

Alyssa Vaughn, Author

One of the first horror games I ever played was 7th Guest on PC, when I was spending the night at a friend’s house. I was SO PSYCHED to find it on Steam years later, but it seems like it keeps getting pushed further and further back in my queue. I remember the puzzles being a little goofy, and the effects probably haven’t held up very well, but the live-action cutscenes really creeped me out as a kid- this game has popped up in my nightmares pretty frequently since then!

Jake Sapir, Editor

I really wish I had the time to go back and play Portal 2. The first Portal was a surprise favorite for me and my friends back when The Orange Box came out, and I was very excited for the sequel. But, the timing was off, and I never played it. Since then, I’ve tried a couple of times, but I couldn’t get into it before some shiny new game came out to distract me. I’ve played several other Portal-related games, including the Portal levels in Lego Dimensions, The Lab, and Portal Stories VR. But sadly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get myself to finally play the actual sequel. In the meantime, at least I have the game, ready to play at some point in the future.

Alex Southgate, Author

One game I really must go back and complete is Kings Quest. I remember when this brilliant series of games was out the first time around. They were always funny, with brilliant stories packed full of moon logic. There were also quite a few in the series. I seem to remember sitting down at the age of about six with my dad and completing the first five or six of them. With all this being said, when I saw this title pop up on my PSN account I just had to download it. I started playing and was getting just as much enjoyment as I seem to remember getting the first time around. The graphics are gorgeous, the humour is still there and this is a game that’s perfect for a new generation of investigation adventure fans. Then, of course, the next game in my play list  came along and I never went back to it. It’s on my bucket list and if you happen to enjoy this style of game I think it really should be on yours.

Arthur Damian, Executive Editor

For me, it would have to be Grand Theft Auto V. I really enjoy the mechanics of the game (driving, shooting, yoga, etc.) and love having three different protagonists from which to choose. Due to my massive backlog and the sheer size of GTAV, I drifted away from it and haven’t had the chance to pick it up again. I want to see how the overarching story ends and drive fast sports cars (badly) into objects and people (accidentally). I also never had the opportunity to check out the multiplayer, which looks like it will be updated until the end of time (or at least until GTA VI comes out). I hope I get the chance to play it again real soon. Also, Rockstar, can you throw some single player DLC my way as an incentive to finish the main campaign? Thanks!

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Albert Eres, Senior Author

The game that’s on my backlog that I want to beat the most would be Pressure Overdrive. I reviewed this game a few weeks ago, and now I have a desire to get all the trophies and 100% the game.

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Noe Ponce, Editor

The plethora of games I’ve reviewed here on TVGB that only have 3-5 hours logged. I play them long enough to review but not long enough to beat. #sad #gameregrets

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Joel Campos, Author

My backlog is huge if you consider games that I want to play, but don’t own. The few games on my list that I do own and need to get around to playing are Doom, The Last of Us and Recore. Of these three games I’d say I need to get to The Last of Us first. With all the praise the game has gotten over the years, I’m surprised I’ve waited this long to play it. The most surprising part of it is that I’ve surprisingly avoided all spoilers for the game. That being said, please don’t flood my Twitter with spoilers for the game. Thanks.

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Garrett Mefford, Author

Somewhat recently, I’ve developed a tendency to wander away from most games that require hefty time commitments. I’ve been neglecting most RPGs more than I would like, but if there’s one game series that I really wish I was able to see through to the end it would probably be The Witcher. Everything about it looks so amazing and it seems like the perfect series for me, but when I try to dig in and play the games I get distracted or start other games that end up taking my focus away entirely. When I get so far off track I feel like I need to restart the game again to absorb the experience right. I finally finished the first entry in the Witcher series last year, so here’s to hoping that I can put number 2 in the books before 2018 rolls around.

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Ryan Wagoner, Author

Definitely would have to be The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I’ve never seemed to get around to playing it, despite its overwhelming praise. It’s especially embarrassing considering I’ve played plenty of the other random Zelda handheld games like Minish Cap multiple times and loved them. Now that I’m thinking about it, there’s a ton of Gamecube gems I need to play, having never owned one. Oh well. Mole Mitts are the best LoZ item of all time! That is all.

John Hansen, Author

During this summer I really have not had any new games to play besides Sonic Mania coming out, so all of my time has gone towards playing Overwatch and the game I am currently working on taking off my backlog, Darksiders. That being said though, the series I want to go back to the most is Gears of War. Earlier this year I finally finished the first game and me and a friend rushed through the second as well. After hearing the fourth game from last year is good I am still trying to find the motivation to start my run through Gears 3 and Judgement.

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