The Raiden Series returns to PS4 this October


I don’t think it can be denied that fans of the space shooter genre that has now evolved into Bullet Hell are pretty hardcore. They like their action fast and furious and are willing to go up against almost suicidal odds just to get a thrill. There are so many excellent game franchises that make up this category of gaming and one that many of you will know is the Raiden series. Fans of these titles are going to be very pleased to hear that the latest installment will be coming to Playstation 4 this October in the shape of Raiden V: Directors Cut.

PQube are excited to announce the European release of the latest installment in the Raiden series which will be hitting your PS4 on October 6th. The game will also launch with a limited edition physical copy including an exclusive Raiden V Soundtrack CD.

The title will continue a 27 year old tradition of fast paced, exhilarating gameplay.  You can expect a fully narrated campaign which will blast you into the skies of real-life locations such as Paris, New York and London. After the planet’s most powerful weapons have been taken by the alien Cranassians, the Raiden supersonic attack fighter squad is scrambled to counter the alien threat and save the planet from destruction.

Apart from a thrilling story you can expect a few other new additions to this well loved series of games. You will have control of three all new ships with vastly different abilities and weapons. In addition to this and moving away from the, “one hit and you’re dead,” trope we’re all used to you’ll also find yourself with a health bar. This may seem like a no-brainer in any game but in a game such as this it really is a luxury.

For players who enjoy sharing their thrills with a friend Raiden V: Directors Cut will support multi-player allowing you and your buddy to take the fight to the aliens together.

This is a game series I’m rather fond of and one that I remember well from being a child, (yes it’s almost as old as I am,) it’ll be great to see it re-emerge to tantalise a new generation of Bullet Hell fans and fanatics. This is definitely going to be one worth keeping an eye on and a potential highlight for this October.