Final Fantasy XV collaborates with Assassin’s Creed and WTF is happening?!


Some things are actually more delicious together than they are apart. Chocolate and peanut butter. Rainbow cookies and more rainbow cookies. Final Fantasy and … Assassin’s Creed?!

Stab me, I must be dreaming!

What you are seeing is not a joke: beginning today and lasting through January 31st, 2018, Final Fantasy XV will be hosting the Assassin’s Festival in-game event. Noctis and the boys will take part in a festival honoring a mystical hero who stood against oppression and loved stabbing people in the face. Gameplay elements that are inspired by the Ass Creed series will be implemented into FFXV; expect acrobatics, shankings, and tons of treasure.

Fly like an eagle, my friend

What’s a collaboration without costumes, though? Noctis and his crew will gain access to the Medjay Assassin’s Robes, and the Master Assassin’s Robes just for Noctis (this piece of fanciness is only obtainable via the Dream Egg from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival). Other collaboration items include the Assassin’s Creed-themed Regalia items (decals and full body decals), and a themed photo frame and filter that can be applied to Prompto’s photos.

They’ll never find me in this dumpster!

Robes and decals aren’t the only things that have been added to FFXV. Additionally, this latest update also boasts:

– Noodle Helmet Outfit: bow to your corporate overlords with the Nissin Cup Noodle outfit, which increases the party’s HP recovery rate.

– Timed Quest Updates: limited-time quests have been added to the quest tracker.

– Exhibition of Third Snapshot Contest Winning Photos: the winners of the third community Snapshot Contest are now on display at Galdin Quay, for the whole world to see.

– Bestiary: players can now view the enemies they have slaughtered in cold blood using this gallery.

– Chapter Select: gamers can now select any chapter from the main game to play, though one must complete the main story in order to access this mode.

The Ass Creed update for FFXV can be downloaded for free right now through either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Games Store. Check out a trailer for the Assassin’s Festival below, as well as read more info about the event here.

More information on the preceding info can be found here. Anyone eagle diving back into FFXV to check out these updates?